How to Become a Swimsuit Model

A beautiful swimsuit model is always in demand because there are so many catalogs, commercials, shows, and magazines featuring them.

However, it takes years of constant dedication to qualify as one. Make sure that this is really what you want to do before tackling the very strict requirements, tedious tasks, lifestyle demands, tenacity, patience, stamina, and necessary promotion that it will take to succeed in this career.

Most models are between 5′9″ and 6′ tall and usually have measurements of 34-24-34. You must work at always having your body fit, lean, strong, firm, well-proportioned and healthy at all times. This might require the services of a personal trainer or regular work-outs at a gym, so you have to consider that expense.

It is also important that you have beautiful skin, teeth, and hair and present a friendly attitude toward everyone you work with.

You might also need to take a modeling course or workshop, and if you can find one that attempts to find you jobs once you complete the course, that would be worth even more in making up for the cost and time involved.

Another expense is having a professional photographer create a portfolio of your modeling pictures when you are ready to present yourself to agencies, swimsuit companies, or publishers of publications and calendars. A portfolio and outstanding resume are necessities to show you off at your very best angles, beauty, and accomplishments.

You need to take the time to read all you can online and in social networking sites or in industry magazines about the modeling industry so that you can be aware of the current trends, which agencies are recommended and have open interviews for new models, what jobs are currently available, the photographers that you might consider, what network communities you can join to stay up-to-date with the freshest leads, etc.

Once you are totally prepared, you then have to learn where the open calls are for swimsuit models and attend them regularly. Also recommended is the “fresh face contests” sponsored by Sports Illustrated magazine because they are specifically designed for those with little or no experience. You can also work trade and fashion shows and enter as many competitions as possible. Think of other types of companies that use swimsuit models in their advertising (such as surfboard, water ski, automobile, and others).

Always arrive at a shoot with plenty of time for makeup, trying on different swimsuits, talking with the photographer, or whatever else is required.

Learn how to hold a pose in adverse weather conditions, how to give different looks, how to focus on the photographer and what is required of you, and how to always follow the photographer’s instructions with a cheerful attitude and respect for what is requested.

You cannot let rejection bother you. Each agency, company, and magazine has different requirements; so if you are turned down by one, take a deep breath, gather yourself together, and approach another one. If you want regular modeling gigs in order to make a living, you will find that you need to be flexible and open to a variety of situations.


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