How to Become a Wellness Coach

You might want to consider a career as a wellness coach if you would like to help others to achieve a healthy life. In some ways, a wellness coach is much like a fitness trainer. However, they often help people improve their health and well being in areas other than pounds on the scale or physical activity level.

If you work as a wellness coach, part of your job will be to help your clients set their own goals. Their goals might be to lose some weight or to quit smoking. Someone might want to improve their lifestyle in order to lower their blood pressure. You will have some clients who want help in reducing their stress levels or finding healthier ways to manage stress. As you can see, you will do much more than merely help people to exercise more or eat a healthier diet.

There are no specific educational requirements to become a wellness coach. This career might interest you if you are already working as a fitness trainer, nutritionist or in some other area of the health field. There are certification programs that you can find if you are interested in becoming a wellness coach. Many programs are available for online or home study courses. You can check with local community colleges and universities to determine if any offer training for a career as a wellness coach.

It might be best to start working as a wellness coach on a part-time basis (in addition to your day job) until you start to establish a client base. This will give you the opportunity to start building your business without needing to worry about making enough money to pay your bills.

You will need to promote your wellness coach business. This can be done by setting up a website to advertise your services. There might be times when you can even assist some clients directly on the Internet. Order business cards with your name, the title of wellness coach and your contact information. Whenever you meet someone who could benefit from your services, hand them a card.

Have some coupons printed that you can offer for potential customers. Provide them with a discount for one or more sessions to encourage them to try your services. Of course, you can offer other special promotions and discounts as well in order to attract the interest of new customers.

When you are first building your wellness coach business, you might want to consider offering lower rates. You can always raise your rates later as you start to gain customers and to build a positive reputation for your business. Of course, you do not want to cut rates too much so that customers do not worry if you are really experienced or have the ability to offer good services.

You should consider asking for testimonials as you start to obtain customers. These testimonials can be used on your website, flyers and other marketing materials. This will help you to start to establish the trust of potential clients who do not yet know much about your business.


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