How to Become a YouTube Partner

The number of opportunities for one to make a few bucks online has increased in so many different forms. For those seeking a fun way of earning, YouTube’s is a pioneer online video sharing giant. Their partner program is another great medium that can guarantee quick and effortless earnings. Simply become a partner of the site and earn from your work while you enjoy and enhance your skills. Here are the requirements on how to become an effective YouTube Partner:

Must Reside in Recognized Countries

The first requirement is very important since it is the root of the application. Unfortunately, despite Youtube being available in most regions of the globe, the partnership program is not. Only citizens of countries such as the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France and Brazil are valid to apply as partners. Applicants must have a valid mailing address from these countries in order to have their applications processed.

Prepare an active Adsense Account

The entire program runs through Adsense sharing similar to other revenue sites. Thus, applicants must have their own active Adsense account before opting to become members. Applying for it can be a quick process though. Adsense is part of Google’s services that help webmasters monetize their site or gain traffic for their products. To apply for an account, simply visit the right division that handles the program through their adsense site.

Fill Out the Online Application Form

Just before you start to gain interest with the program, make sure that you have either a Google or Youtube account in order to fill out the form. The online application form can be accessed through their website here. Normally, an automatic review of an account will be done based upon the pre-submitted requirements when the account was created. After a successful application, a review will immediately commence and will be subject for approval.

Accept Terms of Service

Similar to other genuine revenue sharing programs, YouTube strictly requires applicants to accept the stated Terms of Service (TOS) before being allowed to proceed. Read the content carefully and make sure to understand every portion of the agreement. If you feel that there are some areas that need to be clarified, stop the application and do not accept the agreement just yet. Instead seek advice from the provider through their help centers. They should be able to provide you with a more detailed explanation about the terms.

Original and Copyright Free Videos

YouTube partners are strongly advised to only upload videos originally made by them or those that are free from copyright liabilities. Successful partners may only share their created videos or those where they have permission to share and monetize the material. Members must adhere to this guideline in order to prevent being tagged from the services that can possibly lead to account termination.

High Traffic Videos

Another requirement is that an interested applicant must have videos that can gather strong traffic. To qualify, it is very important that applicants must already have videos uploaded to the site that continues to gain traffic, or those that already have thousands of views. Once this requirement is complied with, the application has a higher margin of approval from the provider.

To best enjoy the program, it is recommended that interested individuals must take time to read more about it before any attempt to apply in made. Sadly, failed applications will not be eligible to reapply until two months from the date it was rejected.


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