How to Become a YouTube Personality

Thanks to the internet, new celebrities are being created all the time from the most unlikely sources. Sites like MySpace have produced their share of household names such as Tila Tequila, and internet memes such as Tron Guy and LOLcats unpredictably pop up every now and then due to reasons no one has yet figured out. Another way people are becoming well-known is via YouTube. This video sharing site has attracted millions of viewers since its inception, and various personalities have stood out as mini celebrities on this medium.

To get started in becoming a YouTube personality, you first have to create a YouTube account and personalize it. You can add a bio of yourself, pictures, and a background to make your profile stand out to the user. After all, as Simon Cowell likes to point out on American Idol, it’s important for people to remember you. If you do a good job on your profile page, they’re more apt to remember you over other YouTubers who just have plain-jane accounts.

Now you need to come up with something to record. It should be a subject that has enough material that is ongoing, so you can continually update your profile with new videos all the time. It should also be something that’s interesting and that people will want to watch. For example, some people have gotten tons of views by recording how-to videos about interesting science experiments, such as running a television from an AA battery. Others just like to stick to commentary, whether it’s political, humorous, or some other genre.

Whatever subject you choose, if you want to be remembered you should make each video consistent with the group as a whole. Just like a fast food corporation is consistent in the appearance and style of their restaurants in order to breed familiarity among the general public, your videos should all look and feel the same so that people will instantly recognize one of your videos when they see it.

Frequent updating is a must, as you have to create a continuous supply of videos to keep the public’s interest. Internet users in general have extremely short attention spans, so if you build up an audience and then suddenly there’s no new video for a few weeks, you’ll lose a huge portion of your viewership, as they’ll only keep checking back for updates for so long until they give up on you and find something else to amuse themselves.

One way to lure eyeballs onto your videos is to create video responses to other popular videos on YouTube. A response to a video that’s gotten thousands of hits will ultimately draw some of the traffic over your way. And if your stuff is really good, many of the viewers will stick around and become your fans as well.

With a lot of work and a little bit of luck, it’s possible to become a YouTube personality. The key is to create a profile that stands out, along with frequent, interesting, and consistent videos that will make internet users look forward to seeing your next creation.


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