How to Become an Eco Consultant


Authored by Donna Johnson in Careers and Employment 
Published on 10-08-2009

If you have embraced a “green” lifestyle, you are most likely rather passionate about conservation and the environment. You may not know that you can turn your passion into a career, but you can. Becoming an eco consultant may be the perfect fit for you.

As an eco consultant, you will help others to achieve the same green lifestyle that you live. Eco consultants work closely with homeowners to develop a green plan for their specific homes and individual lifestyles. You will help homeowners choose energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and windows. You can also make suggestions of ways that the indoor air quality of a home can be improved. For example, green cleaning products and methods that do not use harmful or noxious chemicals can be recommended to the homeowner. Eco consultants also work with business owners to develop green plans for their offices or stores.

Becoming an eco consultant will allow you to work independently, and getting started is rather simple. You can take advantage of online training for a fee, or you can simply strike out on your own. Eco consulting is a relatively new career field, so you may find it difficult to gain clients at first. This is why many people choose to invest in online training as an eco consultant. This online training also allows you to work with a larger group of eco consultants, much like becoming an Avon or Partylite sales representative might. This method allows you to utilize research the eco consulting company has already done into various products and methods, but not to set your own price for your services.

If you would rather work as an eco consultant on your own, however, you will have your work cut out for you. You will need to do a lot of research into various companies, products, and methods to find out which are truly green and which only appear to be green. As an eco consultant, your reputation is at stake with each recommendation you make, so you must be able to identify and recommend only truly green products. You will also need to set your own prices for your services. You can set your prices per service performed or per hour worked. You can also further break pricing down by job size. For example, you could charge one amount for a green consultation job of a home or area up to 1000 square feet, another amount for 1001-1500 square feet, and so on.

You will need to promote your services yourself, and real estate agents can be a great place to start. Offer a free green consultation on an agent’s listing, and if he or she is able to close the sale in part because of your input, you will likely get repeat work from that agent and his or her associates.

Becoming an eco consultant will cost you some money or time, but if you are truly passionate about the environment, your rewards will be great. You will have a career that rewards you both financially and emotionally, and one that makes a difference in the world as well.


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