How to Become an Electrician


Authored by Emeka Justice in Careers and Employment
Published on 03-22-2009

Because power is an absolute necessity, being an electrician is a job you wouldn’t have to worry about phasing out anytime soon. The electrical business pays good and the benefit of knowing that you will always be able to find a job is a great benefit as well.

Your education for becoming an electrician should start in high school. You need to be adept in courses like mathematics and sciences. Physical science includes the study of electricity as a science and you should be able to comprehend the electrical elements easily. Being an electrician is going to involve a lot more than putting wire nuts on a dead wire. You will be working with high voltage as an electrician and will need to be trained in all the electrical sciences as well as hands on lessons.

To be an electrician, you will need to be good with your hands and be in good physical shape as well. You will have to work with tiny, fine wires sometimes that will require excellent dexterity. A part of a lob may include having to climb and perform serious manual labor. Having healthy muscles will count for a lot when you are working as an electrician.

Finding a school to take the necessary courses to be a licensed electrician shouldn’t be a problem. Many technical schools offer programs to qualify you to be eligible to pass a licensing exam. You will have courses focusing on electrical systems, interpretation of blueprints, and electrical codes. You will need a course in first aid as well. Schooling for an electrical apprenticeship can take up to four years.

You would do well not to specialize in just one area like maintenance or in just construction. A lot of electricians will learn everything they can about both so they won’t be limited in their field of jobs.

An electrician will have many employment opportunities to choose from. Jobs ranging from maintenance at manufacturing plants and other buildings like apartments and schools, installing appliances, or working in the construction of new homes and businesses are just a few that are available for electricians. As an electrician you may be asked to identify and diagnose electrical problems, take assessments of electrical systems, and work to upkeep circuit breakers.

Being an electrician can lead into many rewarding careers. You may never know where electricity may take off in the world today. Our world is dependent on the switch coming on to do about everything we have to do on a daily basis to survive. The job of an electrician is a very important one and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most electricians work with thousands of volts each day and if one little thing goes wrong, that person my not live to tell about it. An electrician who licensed is the man you see in the bucket up at the power lines, risking his life to be able to repair one of the greatest resources of all time next to food.


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