How to Become an Image Consultant

Everyone can become an image consultant. You just need a few things that will make you excel if you choose to turn this into a full time job or business.

First of all, you must have a background in something so can use your experience and offer this as counsel to the client. If you had experience as a hairstylist, you know what hairstyles or colors work for a certain individual.

You should also be paying attention in whatever you are offering otherwise you won’t be able to give your all when you are trying to help someone with their problem.

It will also be good to have formal education and get qualifications similar to a doctor has to get in order to practice medicine.

You should know that there are no set programs offered in universities or colleges that teach students how to become an image consultant however a bachelor’s degree in business, psychology, sociology or home economics may prove to be useful when you are managing your business or communicating with a customer.

The qualifications you get to be an image consultant comes from organizations that train people to work in this kind of occupation. This will make you knowledgeable and confident about the industry should you decide to specialize, for example in helping people choose what clothes to wear. If your client does not have time to buy the right clothes, you will be the one to out and buy for them thus you become an image personal shopper/consultant.

In turn for you to become an image consultant, you need to gain some experience. Naturally you can not charge the same price as other people who have been doing this are charging so offer your services first for free.

After successfully helping a few clients, create your own website or portfolio so people will know who you are.

To develop your business as an image consultant, you have to advertise just like any other business. Put an ad in the magazine, google adwords, local paper, forward emails and send direct mail invitations to clients even if your business may also spread by word of mouth.

If you are still in doubt how things will work out, it is best to do this part time and then see how things go. That is what a lot of people have done before committing to this full time especially when they are helping more than just one customer.

You will become conscious when you are successful as an image consultant when a company has hired you to help their staff make some improvements. You are there to hold workshops or seminars and what the employees do afterwards is entirely up to them. Some will listen while others won’t which is already beyond your control.

So now that you know how to become an image consultant, the question you have to ask yourself is if you want to shift to this as a career. Some people will succeed while others won’t. Just like any other profession, you have to commit yourself so you will be able to overcome any barrier.

Given that almost everybody needs an image consultant, it is not wonder that a lot of people are getting in this business. What you do could help someone land a job, find their true love, get a promotion at work or just make them feel enhanced about themselves.


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