How To Build a Bird Bath

Birdbaths make a great addition for your garden, yard, or even your deck or patio. A birdbath helps our feathered friends to a drink or a cooling bath when they need it, and it will give you and your family hours of enjoyment watching all the birds. Water is one of the best ways to attract these lovely little creatures to your yard. What is even better is that you don’t have to spend loads of money to set up a nice birdbath for your feathered friends.

You may not have to spend a dime on any of the supplies if you happen to have the right materials around your home. Often you can get them from a dumpster or some other junk that has been carelessly discarded. There are any number of items that can be turned into a neat birdbath. Everything from an old porcelain covered wash pan, to those wide, flattish terracotta planters make wonderful birdbaths. Even an old, well washed litter pan can do the trick. The ideas are endless, and all you need is a little bit of time and a good imagination.

A few items you will need include some kind of bowl or good sized pan for holding the water, and a large bucket, barrel, or sturdy post for the base. Anything that will hold the pan solid and be high enough to be out of the reach of any predators will work. You may need a shovel, hoe, and/or rake to smooth out any lumps, bumps, or uneven areas of ground if you are setting the bird bath up in your garden or on your lawn. You will also need some liquid cement or some other very strong, water-proof adhesive. If you wish, you may want to acquire some water based acrylic paints for decorating the outside of the birdbath, but this is not necessary.

The first thing you will need to do is find the right location to set up your bird bath. Find an area that is quiet and has little or no traffic running through it. Birds will avoid using the bath if large numbers of humans or predators, such as the neighborhood cats, are always hanging around or running through the area. Make sure it is secluded enough to prevent your bird bath from becoming a cat feeder.

Once you find a good location you will need to prepare the area for setting up the birdbath. If you have decided to put the birdbath on a patio, back porch, deck, or some other good solid flat surface, then most of your work is already done. However, if you are setting it up out in your yard or garden, then you will have to do a little bit of work to make sure the area is as level as possible. Use a hoe, shovel and rake to level out any bumps, lumps, humps or other uneven areas, and to remove any rocks that may be in the way.

Now comes the really fun part of making the birdbath! First, make the base for your birdbath. You can use a tall bucket, a barrel, post or anything else that will make a good sturdy base for your birdbath. Whatever you use for your base, make sure that it is wide as well as tall to prevent the bird bath from being easily tipped over. Look around and try several different items to find the best base for your birdbath. If your base is unstable or wobbly the birds will not use the birdbath.

After you get the base set firmly on the ground, attach the top of your birdbath. Make sure the container can easily hold about 2 inches of water and can accommodate several birds easily. Then set to attaching it to the base. Using the liquid cement, or other super strong, water-proof adhesive, put a good layer on the bottom of the water container and on the base where the water container will be attached. Press the water container onto the base and allow to dry over night. Once the adhesive has dried, you may like to spruce up the outside of your birdbath with some water based acrylic paint. Do not paint any where inside the bath where the water goes.

Now, just add about 2 inches water, (2 inches is plenty), and watch the birds flock to their new birdbath! Enjoy!


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