How to Build a Business on eBay

EBay has become a household name in the last ten years, we all know that you can buy, sell, or trade on the site, but some of us don’t know that you can actually make a substantial income on eBay by selling things you no longer have a use for, or you can even make it a full time business.

Setting up an eBay account

Setting up an eBay account is very easy and necessary if you want to sell items on eBay for profit. Just go to the website and click on register, then follow the online instructions and you will have an eBay account in less than five minutes.

Choosing your merchandise

If you want to make eBay a business then you need to choose your merchandise carefully; make sure your items are in demand so that you will have a better chance of selling them. For example: If you sell plastic cow figurines you probably won’t make a lot of money with that because there is not a high demand for them. Try selling things like clothing, books, toys, baby items, or collectibles. If you already have a business and want to use eBay to sell extra items, then you can put your products online for people to bid for. Selling things like tires, furniture, kitchen appliances, or electronics is a big money maker.

Getting your merchandise

If you want to make eBay your business, then you need to purchase merchandise and then sell it to the general public. Look for items at flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, or second hand stores. Most of these places offer a wide variety of items that can either be resold immediately or that you can fix up and sell.

Things like car parts are a big seller on eBay. Purchase these at swap meets and clean them up, fix them, and sell them. You can buy car parts such as vintage doors, handles, hoods, or seats, and clean them up a little and sell them for more than you bought them for. There are many vintage car fanatics out there trying to rebuild cars so this makes car parts a very lucrative business.

Another big seller on eBay is electronics; video games, consoles, DVD’s, TV’s, and stereos are all very popular. If you are electronically inclined, you can buy broken game consoles and rebuild them and then you can sell them at a much higher price than you bought it for.

Use your strengths

Use your strengths to your advantage. If you are mechanically inclined, fix car parts and sell them. If you are creative, you can make all sorts of things to sell, and if you are a great cook, you can even put a cookbook together and sell that. Whatever your strengths are use them to your advantage to make the most money with eBay.

Before you start selling things on eBay, make sure that you read the rules and regulations to make sure you do not violate any of eBay’s rules.


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