How to Buy a Good Sofa

There’s a lot to consider when trying to buy a good sofa, and it’s worth the time to consider all of your options. You may end up spending quite a good amount of time on your new sofa, so researching each choice is important. Here’s a guide to finding a good sofa that won’t cost you an unreasonable amount of money.

First, realize that a good sofa is made up of five elements: the frame, the springs, the fillings, the upholstery, and the style. Style is going to be very subjective, so we won’t consider that when trying to decide what a “good sofa” constitutes. All of the other elements, however, are directly related to the lifespan and comfort of the sofa.

The frame of a good sofa needs to be made of a high quality wood; generally speaking, the harder the wood, the better the sofa. Unfortunately, as you’re probably aware, harder woods cost more, but they’re less likely to break and more likely to provide good support. It’s certainly worth your consideration while shopping, and it’s worth spending a bit more money on a higher-quality, longer lasting sofa.

Springs should be close together and extremely supportive. Many sofas have serpentine springs, which “snake” all over the sofa, but over time they can break down fairly easily. The best good sofas will have well wound, firm springs that aren’t spaced out too greatly across the sofa. Keeping the springs close together will prevent a good sofa from slumping or going out of shape in the long run. To test the springs, all you need to do is feel them–using your hands, press down on various parts of the couch, and try to feel the size of the areas between the springs on the sofa.

Fillings in a good sofa should be long-lasting. Otherwise, the plump in your sofa will eventually disappear, and you obviously don’t want that. Man sofas have a polyurethane filling, but a really good sofa should have some combination of feathers and down. These materials will feel soft, and will retain their shape over time. They also tend to push the cost of a good sofa up, so be ready to pay a premium for higher quality sofa fillings.

Upholstery is a bit of a subjective choice, but the type of upholstery you buy will partially determine the lifespan of your new sofa. Look for linen or cotton. Remember that while a woven sofa can seem extremely comfortable, you might snag the weaving, especially if you have any animals in your home. Also, consider buying a couch cover to cut down on the cost of a couch. You don’t need really nice upholstery if you can find a great couch cover.

When you find a good sofa that you like, remember to comparison shop. Different stores may offer different pricings on the same product. Be sure to check for other costs, such as delivery or packaging fees. With a bit of research, you should easily be able to find a good sofa that will last you for years.


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