How to Buy Clothes Wholesale


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in Clothing 
Published on 12-11-2009

Buying your clothes wholesale is an easy way of saving a good chunk of money on needed items and also a few luxury pieces. The majority of wholesale buyers do so in bulk and with an eye on reselling the clothes later on. That being said, there are now also a good number of families that join together to learn how to buy clothes wholesale and then divvy up the lots among themselves.

Start by making a list of needed clothing items, the colors and cuts you prefer and also the size ranges you require. Keep in mind that buying plus sized clothing from a wholesaler requires different research than when you are looking exclusively for designer jeans. Next, price the items at local discount retailers. Even though you are committed to not spend your money at a regular store, you do need to know the actual costs involved in buying retail. This tips you off to good wholesale deals and those that are not that great.

For example, if you can buy a basic blue sweater in your size for $10 wholesale – but are required to purchase 10 – versus $9.99 retail (after handing in a coupon), you will actually save money by just going to the store. On the other hand, if the $10 wholesale sweater gets cheaper if you buy 20 of them, and there are at least 19 friends or family members who are also in the market for one such sweater, you will come out ahead. Without proper pricing research, you would not be able to make this kind of comparison.

Next, decide if you want to buy brand name clothes or simply check out whatever the wholesaler may have available. If you are a brand name junkie, contact the manufacturer directly to ferret out wholesaler information. Then with the information in hand, find out from the local wholesalers who has the most favorable sales policies to individual buyers. Minimum purchase quantities vary by business, but with higher priced retail items, the odds are good that the lots are bigger than if you were to purchase no name clothes.

On a side note, when investigating how to buy clothes wholesale, you may notice that it can actually be a quite lucrative side business for you to go into. Making these professional connections not only enables you to buy clothes wholesale consistently from name brand manufacturers, but it also may be that home based business you have always been hoping to start.

Exercise caution when working with a brand name wholesaler whose prices are too good to be true. You may be dealing with a disreputable company that is selling unlicensed goods or knock-offs. Not only can consumers in the know spot these fakes, but if you are caught using or wearing such clothes – much less buying or even reselling them – you could find yourself in quite a bit of legal trouble. If a wholesaler’s prices are so low that it is hard to believe they could be legit, simply check them out with the manufacturer.


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