How to Buy Jewelry Wholesale


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Jewelry
Published on 12-06-2009

For anyone who is in the jewelry business or who sells jewelry as a hobby, learning how to buy jewelry wholesale is essential. Especially for people interested in starting up their own jewelry store, the secret to building stock is to learn how to track down the best wholesale distributors. There are more than enough to choose from. Thousands of wholesale jewelry stores are set up around the world. The Internet is an amazing resource through which consumers can shop for wholesale jewelry.

The term wholesale is used to describe a large quantity of items. An official wholesaler is one who offers products to retailers at discount prices for these large quantities. Most wholesalers will require a business license or other documentation from a retailer before agreeing to do business. They want to ensure that it’s a legit business first. Most jewelry wholesalers will impose a minimum purchase policy which forces a business to buy a certain number of items before receiving their discount.

It’s important when buying jewelry wholesale to not only look for great prices but also quality pieces. Getting a low price on jewelry pieces is fantastic. Just remember that if there’s shoddy craftsmanship it’s really not worth the time or money. The point here is to get jewelry that is actually worth the money and not just a pile of junk.

Never be afraid to ask questions. This is one of the biggest mistakes that buyers make. They are too worried about coming off wrong or being rude. There is absolutely no problem with asking questions and any good wholesale jeweler is going to be more than happy to answer any questions.

Always be educated before going to buy any jewelry wholesale. Especially for anyone who is new to the business, doing research beforehand is necessary to get the best deal. This means learning more about all the different materials and terms used. Simulated gems, chemically enhanced seven and vermeil are just a few words that are commonly used in the jewelry industry.

There are sellers who are going to try and pull one over on customers. Some wholesale jewelers overprice pieces or use imitations and wannabes. Don’t be fooled by these knockoffs and waste money on junk. There are regular retail wholesale jewelry stores as well as online sites, trade shows and fairs. There are some wholesalers that will only sell in bulk. Always check with the Better Business Bureau and read customer reviews to make sure a company’s legit before doing business with them. Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are often great resources for wholesale jewelry.

When buying jewelry wholesale, it is also important to remember never to buy on impulse. While this can certainly be hard to do, it will be more than worth it. Once people have learned the skills and feel comfortable buying wholesale jewelry they can get carried away. It’s easy to see all those beautiful pieces and start spending money like it’s going out of style. It’s always best to shop around at a few different places before actually investing any money in jewelry. Chances are that a different shop will have the exact same piece only for a better price.

With a skilled eye and the patience to find legitimate wholesalers, anyone can buy wholesale jewelry successfully. It can take time to find reputable companies that are worth going back to on a regular basis but it will be more than worth it.


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