How to Care for a Bald Head


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Men’s Health 
Published on 10-02-2009

Men… put away the hair growth products and forget about making an appointment to get hair plugs. The bald head look is still very much in style. Pro athletes like Michael Jordan and actors like Bruce Willis have made having a bald head popular to the point where many men with a full head of hair will shave their scalps to get this look. Caring for a bald head still takes work, so here are some tips to keep the skin on your scalp looking great.

Most men are not completely bald naturally. They may have completely lost hair on parts of their head, but not on others. Therefore, proper shaving is important. Many companies sell razors that are designed specifically for shaving one’s head, and it is worth the investment to purchase one of these razors. Some men will wet their head first, but this also isn’t necessary with all of the products on the market. You can purchase a specific hair product to put on your head to get a close shave that doesn’t require water. Like shaving your face, you will need to shave your head every morning if you want a completely smooth look. This is especially important if you don’t want to give away the fact that you might be bald in some places, but not in others. Some of the easiest razors to use are the ones that you can attach to your hand. These will allow you to have more control, get a closer shave, and avoid the chances of getting nicks on your skin.

You will need to care for your scalp and still use shampoo on your head everyday in order to minimize the oil and the risks of getting bumps on your scalp. After you wash your scalp, you should apply a moisturizer. Many men use the same moisturizer on their scalps that they use on their faces, but products are on the market just for men’s scalps. These lotions will prevent your scalp from flaking or looking too shiny. Men with dryer skin should apply moisturizer more than once during the day.

The top of your head is naturally the most likely to get sun when you are outdoors, so when spending an extended time outside you should always wear a hat or use sunscreen. Some of the moisturizers sold in stores for bald heads also contain a SPF which will serve this purpose. The recommended SPF for your head is 30, but if you will not be outside for very long, you can probably get away with using a 15 SPF. It isn’t fun to shave a burned scalp, and you want to minimize your risk of developing skin cancer, so wearing a hat or using sun screen is extremely important when caring for a bald head.

You will probably have to add a few minutes to your daily morning routine to care for your bald head, but buying the right products will make your life easier. All it takes is an investment in a great razor (if you choose to shave the rest off), shampoo, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Taking care of your bald head every day will keep your skin healthy as well as help you to look your best.


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