How to Choose a Film School

When preparing for a career in the film industry, the school at which one would study the craft is an important decision. Although which school is “right” will vary depending upon the individual student‘s preference for location, program, costs, and other personal considerations, many rankings have been performed by magazines and websites to aid potential students in making the decision. Some will still choose to attend other colleges with other majors, such as art or the history of film, before transferring into a traditional film school aimed at launching this career.

For the student looking to graduate from school to the industry in a smaller amount of time, the New York Film Academy School of Film and Acting offers one and two-year long programs of study. There, one can specialize in many aspects of filmmaking. The school offers movie camps, as well as Bachelor of Arts in their various specializations and the Master of Arts in Filmmaking programs. In addition to Filmmaking or acting for film, the student at this college may also choose to major in Producing, Editing, Music Video, Screenwriting or 3-D Animation. Concentrating in one of these fields while studying aspects of the others can lead to more kinds of work within the filmmaking field after graduation. Exploring them while in school will give the student more industry awareness into how several fields can merge together on one film, such as combining animation with live actors to round out a story.

Those who study at the New York Film Academy School of Film and Acting have many opportunities to study in other locations as well, including Universal Studios, California, Disney/MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida, and London, England, Paris, France, and Florence, Italy to enrich their experience by learning the art of filmmaking across the country and around the world. Many employers favor those who have studied their fields in other countries and bring fresh perspectives to the job.

Students who choose to specialize more in the digital aspects of film would do well to consider the Art Institutes. At these schools, offerings in Digital Film and Video, Digital Filmmaking and Video, Production, Film, and Video Production can be found in many locations across the United States. These offerings, however, generally appeal more to those specifically seeking to work behind the scenes in production, as they are more highly concentrated upon the technical aspects of these fields.

This program would be limited geographically only by the student choosing to follow it, as the Art Institutes have campuses in so many major cities, from Washington, D. C., to Denver, Colorado, to Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle, just to name a few. As with any other system of colleges, since there are so many parts to this one, the student would be wise to investigate his or her options, either online or by calling the local campus to request a catalog and list of which specific programs and majors are located in which city, before deciding which to attend.


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