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How to choose a good diamond

  • By Jackie Louis
  • Published 03/15/2011
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Benefiting greatly from the economical growth and social development, more and more can afford the luxury diamond which they have much affection on.  Firstly, you are supposed to make it clear that what your real purpose is when you buy a diamond, diamond investment or diamond used for marriage or normal ornament. If you want to invest in diamond, you must think of the carats how much the diamond weighs in the first place. The more carats your diamond is, the more money you can make easily. If you only want it to decorate you and make you beautiful and remarkable, you must choose the diamond which is in a medium price and well and firmly fixed on the ring.  Secondly, you should make a reasonable budget of how much you will pay for the diamond you want. It directly determines which class your diamond belongs to, upper class, middle class or lower class.  Thirdly, the four essential factors you must take into account are carat, color, cut, clarity.  Carat: On the other same condition, the heavier your diamond is, the more money you will pay for it.  Color: It includes DEFGHI,JKL, DEF are the finest and purest colors. But D color is seen hardly in the market. EFGHI are normal colors and accepted by most people. While JKL are bad colors.  Clarity: It comprises IF/F,VVS1/VVS2,VS1/VS2,SI1/SI2.  The diamond belongs to F is much greatly expensive. Therefore, the people who want to make investment are advised to buy it. For us, we can choose it between VVS and VS.  Cut: It is the cut that decides whether your diamond shines or not. A good cut can make your diamond glitter much and radiant. It is divided into five grades: excellent, very good, good, fair, poor. For most consumers, they prefer to choose from excellent to good more than fair and poor.  Symmetry, fluorescence, polish are also important standards to good diamond. So you should take them into consideration before you make a choice.  Last but not least, we must go to the reliable and qualified jewelers which can guarantee us good quality and is able to supply consummate after service conveniently for us. Watch out! Don’t buy it on the Internet, it is easily cheated.The author eagerly recommend you to use the best buy versace distributed by esteemed company.


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