How to Choose a Hockey Stick


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Recreation and Sports
Published on 11-21-2008

Whether you are just starting to learn hockey or you are already an expert player, a perfect stick can make your game right. If you happen to visit a sports equipment shop, you will be surprised that there are varieties of hockey sticks being sold. They come in different sizes and materials. If this is your first time to buy a hockey stick, this could be a tough one especially if you are presented with a lot of choices. Of course, choosing the right hockey stick is essential if you want to be comfortable during the game. There a lot of things to consider when you want to purchase a hockey stick. It will be wise to read first about hockey stick so that you know what to buy when you are in the store.

The size of the hockey stick is the first thing that you need to consider. Hockey sticks usually come in different sizes. A junior hockey stick typically ranges from 46-54 inches in terms of length. The senior size stick ranges from 56-62 inches. Usually if you select a slanted end, it can even extend up to 10-15 cm. If you want a better control, shorter ones are better but if you want powerful hits, longer ones are the best to buy.

Hockey sticks have different level of stiffness or flex. This can be classified as medium or extra stiff. Those players who are playing in the forward spot prefer flexible stick while players in defense can play with stiff shafts. If you are just a beginner, it would be best if you opt for medium shaft.

There is an angle in a hockey stick called the lie. This could be found between the shaft and blade. This could be measured by numbers. The smaller the number, the wide the angle is. It would be best to use a lower lie if you want to skate close to the ground.

Hockey sticks are made from different materials. Wood hockey sticks are stiff and heavy. They are perfect for strong players. The negative thing about wood hockey stick is the fact that they tend to break that easy. The cheapest ones are made from fiber glass. These are hockey sticks that have a wood in its core and with fiberglass coating that makes it heavier than any other. This is considered ideal for practice but not actual game. The ones made from aluminum sticks have replaceable blades. These hockey sticks are lighter than fiberglass and wood but heavier as compared to titanium. There are hockey sticks that are made of pure graphite. This can be very expensive but very light in weight and also durable. The Kevlar hockey is stick is made from aramid fibers and they considered the most expensive. Titanium ones are also quite expensive but it is also lightweight and durable. They got replaceable blades that can have torches.

Buying a hockey stick that will suit you is a personal choice. The most important thing is that you know your options to make it less overwhelming.


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