How to Choose a Home Security Device: Useful Tips


Authored by Kumara Velu in Home Improvement 
Published on 03-16-2009

Have you decided to install a home security device for the safety of your loved ones and your property? If you’re unsure as to which security option to choose, here are some tips to clear your doubts.

Electronic Alarms

Check to see if your house comes equipped with an alarm system. If it does, contact an alarm company to get it activated. Be prepared to pay a service charge for the activation.

Also bear in mind that you can’t take the alarm system with you should you decide to move house. There are some alarm companies willing to install a system at your new house for free. Check whether such a service is offered before installing an alarm system at your present house.

Will your alarm be rendered inoperable should there be a power failure? Most alarm systems come with backup battery power for up to eight hours. Check with your alarm provider on the availability and duration of battery power during blackouts.

Will your house be monitored if your telephone line is cut off for some reason? It would be if your alarm comes with a backup system that communicates with the monitoring center through radio waves. Check with the alarm company if such a facility is available.

Wired or Wireless?

Which system should you choose? Wired or wireless? It depends on your budget. Wireless systems are generally more expensive than a wired system. The advantage is you won’t have to drill holes or cut into your walls for installation.

Also, if you are thinking of doing your own installation, a wireless system is much easier to set up. This will help you save installation cost. However, it’s best to leave the installation to a professional who will know the best placement for sensors to avoid false alarms.

If your house is under construction or renovation, you could consider a wired system. It’s cheaper and easier to maintain compared to a wireless system which requires constant updating when new features become available.

Security Devices to Consider

Here are some security devices you would want to consider.

  1. “Protected By” Sign – with the name of the electronic security system installed to warn potential intruders.
  2. 2. Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) – the use of tiny cameras connected to a television set to monitor movements around your house compound.
  3. Door/Window Alarm Trigger – this would trigger your alarm if someone tries to open a door or window. Depending on the neighborhood you live in, you could have it cover doors which you can’t easily see and windows which are close to trees or shrubs.
  4. Glass Break Detectors – these are sensors for large glass windows and even sunrooms or areas where you have a large expanse of glass walls.
  5. Motion Detector – as the name suggests, the electronic device will pick up movements in areas not visible to you especially in a large house.
  6. Wireless Emergency Button – all you need is press the button in an emergency and help will be at hand from the monitoring center.

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