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How to choose a minidv camcorder?

  • By Murphy Beverly
  • Published 04/10/2011
  • Fiction

It sounds appealing that choosing a Mini DV camcorder as a Christmas gift for it is practical and durable. However, for most people it’s really difficult to pick up a suitable one from so many Mini DV camcorders appearing in the market. If you’re not considerate enough, you may get cheated or just buy a dissatisfied product.       Before purchasing a Mini-DV camcorder, we should consider the following things: â—         Does the person who will receive your gift have a similar product? â—         How much money you are going to spend? (this determines the range of Mini-DV you can choose) As with most consumer products that you buy, you pay for the quality. Narrow down your choices to some of the famous brand, such as Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and then check the different models in the line for the one that has the features you need. But how can you test its functions when you are handed a Mini-DV camcorder? Or just think about what features might be important to the person whom the gift will reach? â—         Optical zoom or digital zoom. Optical zoom has a higher quality image than digital zoom. â—         Image stablilization. A good camcorder should have provide stable images. â—         A large LCD screen. If you prefer a large screen with high quality image, you should consider a camcorder with a large LCD screen, which of course, will reflects in the cost. But if you don’t mind about the size of the screen, you may get a cheaper one. â—         A tripod. I don’t think a tripod is a must to common camcorder users, for we normally seldom use it. â—         An extra battery. When you buy a Mini DV camcorder as a gift, to buy an extra battery for it is very thoughtful. An extra battery will be of great help while the original one is off on trip.     The list above may not be exhaustive, so before buying one, you should collect as much information as you can, and if possible, seek professional help.



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