How to Choose a Mother of the Groom Dress


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 07-25-2009

Being the mother of the groom is a very exciting time in your life and you’ll no doubt want to look your very best on his big day! Traditionally, the focus of this day has been on the bride and her mom but this wedding is as much yours as it is anyone elses. It’s time to have fun choosing a dress! As the mother of the groom, you’ll not only be very excited and caught up in the day but you’ll also have some specific roles to play and duties to fill, such as possibly standing in a receiving line. Because of these, there are some things you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing your mother of the groom dress.

The first thing you must do before you even start looking at pictures of dresses is to sit down with your son and future daughter-in-law. Find out what the formality of the event will be, and what wedding colors they’ve chosen. It’s important to find out what the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses will be and the color of the mother-of-the-bride’s dress. Mother of the grooms should never wear the same color as the bridesmaids but you also don’t want the color of your dress to clash with the wedding party!

Once you’ve talked to your son and his fiancé, you might want to consider talking to the mother of the bride. It’s considered proper etiquette that you wait until the mother of the bride has purchased her dress but this might not be necessary. If you don’t live nearby to each other, or you don’t know each other that well, you could speak to your daughter-in-law to find out what her mom is wearing. While you also don’t want to match with what she’s wearing, you do want to make sure you’ll be well coordinated. If the mother of the bride is wearing yellow, for example, you might want to consider something in a nice green shade. If the mother of the bride is wearing a long gown, you might also want to wear something similar in length.

After you’ve found out what the mother of the bride and the wedding party will be wearing, it’s time for the most important part! Now you get to flip through magazines and walk through bridal salons or department stores, searching their racks for something you love! Of course, you’ll want to take things such as style and color of dress into consideration. But also consider what type of fabric you want to wear. If it’s a fall wedding, you might want a heavier fabric, while a nice sheer and shimmery fabric might be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.

Most importantly, choose a mother of the groom dress that you love and feel comfortable in. If you’re unsure of what you’ll like, flip through bridal magazines or look online. Bridal websites usually have a section for mother of the grooms that will give you some great ideas. Most bridal magazines also have complete sections that focus on mother of the groom dresses and soon, you’ll have the most trouble narrowing down the dress that you want!


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