How to Choose a Nutritionist

Finding the correct nutritional information in books and on the internet can be hard at times. If you are having trouble planning your meals and making good food choices, hiring a nutritionist may help.

A nutritionist is a person who helps an individual plan his meals according to the individual’s needs. They give professional advice regarding nutrition for sports performance, losing weight, building muscle, losing fat, etc.

Because the term nutritionist is not protected, many people can claim that they are a nutritionist despite their lack of knowledge. So how will you know if the nutritionist you hire is a good one?


Certification for a nutritionist is very important. When the nutritionist is certified, that means he/she is recognized by an organization of their abilities to give professional health advice. In addition, a certified nutritionist also proves that he/she has a foundation of knowledge about the sciences of food and nutrition.

There are many training courses available to the public now so you have to be selective when you evaluate the certification they have. Most certification requires a person to have a degree in nutrition and food to be eligible. Keep in mind that there are some experts who never got their certification but are people whom you can trust your health to.


Check the nutritionists’ past clients and see their success. A good nutritionist will be able to point out several clients whom he/she have worked with over the years. You should choose a nutritionist who is working with clients with different kinds of goals. If the nutritionist is confident, he/she might even give you their client’s contact details.

You should also ask if the nutritionist has worked with clients with similar goals as you. The nutritionist will more likely be able to help you if he/she has worked with clients who have the same goals as you. The key is this: The more experienced the nutritionist, the more reliable he/she is.

The nutritionist himself

To know if the nutritionist is good at giving advice and creating meal plans for you, simply look at the nutritionist himself/herself. A good nutritionist practices what he/she preaches. If the nutritionist looks healthy, fit and clean, you know that he/she is someone you can trust your health to. On the other hand, if he/she is obese, messy and drinks a coke in front of you, it would be best to look for someone else.

Finding a good nutritionist is not an easy thing to do. You don’t want to rush it and end up with a horrible one. Take your time and ask questions about what he/she would want you to do if you were to hire him/her. Make sure that the nutritionist covers the basics of maintaining good health. Basics like: keeping a food log, creating a meal plan based on your individual needs, etc.

A nutritionist can make or break your health. If you choose wisely, you never have to go through the process of finding one all over again.


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