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How to choose a tablet pc?

  • By Mark Wolfe
  • Published 06/14/2011
  • Sample Category

Tablet PC, is a kind of personal computer with touch screen.Regarding to choosing one, I  think different people have different opinions. For example, some  people just want to use it to browse Website, some are for office soft  wares, and others may like to use it to play computer games. No matter  what is your use, the following needs to be considered.Heat  dissipation is one of the factors to be thought of. For safety sake,  you should start the tablet PC up and see if it is using heat pipe or  fan. Maybe you do not agree with me, thinking that I am too cautious, but I have to remind you some companies just use the heat dissipation system with poor quality.

Then you should try to see how large is the hard disc. It  will be quite bad if the computer is with SD (solid state

disc) , 16G  TO 32G, and with Windows-7 as its operating system. I guess some people  have such experience: The Windows-7 can take up 15G to 19G of the  computer, then the disc will be too little for storage.After  that, you must figure it out the resolution ratio of the computer, and  it ought to be 1024*600. Because only with this, can the Website be  browsed in full screen.Finally, the battery capacity is also needed some attetion. It is also important, since you have to use battery if there is no plug in the room or there is power failure.To  put it in a nutshell, the most useful way is to invite some experienced  people to test if all the functions can meet your own needs.I believe if you can bear all the information listed above, then you can buy a satisfactory tablet computer for yourself.Good luck, dear friends.



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