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How to choose an appropriate diamond ring

  • By Jessica Marshall
  • Published 01/13/2011
  • Article Writing

Diamond has the unique quality of hardness, and is always regarded as the only permanent keepsake in the world. Diamond ring is the symbol of firm and true love, which reminds you of your impressive love. Before marriage, you should leave enough time to choose from the several kinds of rings. And it is better to select it with your lover, to ensure that both of you are satisfied, and in the process you can call back the sweet memories.   In terms of design, the plain, simple, and durable engaging style is necessary. It also goes well with the daily costumes. So the simple and elegant design is the best option. Too garish or too childish designs are not suitable. In addition, you can choose the shape of diamond according to your hand. Large and round diamond ring can be worn by people with long fingers, which makes him/her graceful. While heart-shaped diamond ring is appropriate for the one who has small and slender fingers.     Diamond rings can be made of many materials, usually gold and platinum. Gold is harder, with relatively low price, while its color may faded over time. Platinum is chemically stable, with high price, while its texture is a little soft. There are 4C principles in diamond selection: cutting, color, clarity and the carat weight. The diamond cutting is the first to be emphasized, which is known as second life of diamonds. The cutting process is the only aspect with human impacts. And a good cut makes your diamond shining. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable. About clarity, the most valuable diamond is the one that no obvious inclusions can be seen in the diamonds with naked eye. Carat is weight unit of diamond, and 1 carat weighs 0.2 grams. Because large diamonds are rare, the value of diamond increases with the carat weight.   At last, it is better to choose the jewelry from a jeweler with good reputation, who can provide you with quality guarantee and perfect after-sales service. 



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