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How to Choose Boots for Horse Riding

  • By Jon Wright
  • Published 10/3/2012

Wearing proper footwear when you are riding a horse is extremely important. Good boots protect your feet if you step on or slide through the stirrup. It is necessary to know about the shoes not to wear when riding horse.

Snow boots and hiking boots is heavily-treaded boots and they are completely unsuitable for use during horse riding. This type of boots is a bit wide and comes with big boxy toe because of which you can have difficulty on the stirrup.

It is ideal to keep separate horse riding boots for different purposes. For instance, if you are going for mountain horse riding, you need a pair of boots especially meant for this purpose such as Mountain Horse High Rider Boots.

Horse riding boots come in different styles like Western style and English style. Whichever style you choose, the riding boot must have a small tread and 1 inch high heel. It will prevent your feet from slipping through the stirrup.

Western boot styles and English boot styles are different. Western boots of traditional style have a bit higher heel in comparison to the traditional English boots. For ensuring safety, many Western style riding boots have crepe soles.

There are ankle-height Western boots also. You may find them more comfortable than the other styles. Packers are very popular. They look smart. Packers are tough and durable and give good support to your feet. They are not heavy like some styles of English riding boots.

The Western style riding boots made of vinyl are low-quality ones. They may not be a good choice as they tend to wear and tear faster. Although these boots are an inexpensive option, they are less comfortable for your feet when riding a horse.

English riding boots are available in various styles. The traditional tall black boots are extremely popular. According to some horse riders, they are comfortable and provide good support.

On the other hand, there are some who find these boots heavy. The ankle-height English style riding boots are the paddock boots. They are good for everyday riding and popular among both adults and children. The paddock boots are available in many styles such as pull on and zipper. The zipper style is handy as it takes little time to put on and take off.

Riding boots are made from different materials like leather, synthetic and cotton canvas. The leather boots are the most expensive and need proper care for maintaining their durability.

The price of the leather boots depends on the quality of the leather and how good is the construction. Superior leather quality and construction means comfortable and expensive boots.

Investing in a pair of good quality horse riding boots from a renowned boot brand like Mountain Horse is a wise decision as with proper care, they can last longer than the low quality ones.

Both the Western and English style riding boots are to be found in synthetic materials. They are ideal for use during the rainy season. Wearing them in the summer months can cause discomfort.

This is a brief guide to choose the right horse riding boots.

Author Bio: Jon has been a keen equestrian rider since an early age. He writes articles predominantly for the horse riding sector but also for other related industries from time to time. Here he is proving information about Mountain Horse High Rider Boots.


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