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How to choose jewelry as christmas presents for your friends

  • By rachel Agee
  • Published 03/29/2011
  • Poetry

Jewelry is a good present which is  given on Christmas. Jewelry can show a person’s characters, life habit,  personal accomplishment, psychological quality and emotion. Different  person requires different jewelry. So choose a set of suitable jewelry  is very important.   First,  the person’s age should be taken into consideration. People are divided  into several groups, such as babies, children, teenagers, adults, the  middle-aged and the old. Each level of them requires a special kind of  jewelry. The middle-aged and the old like gold and silver jewelry while  the young like fashionable jewelry, most of which is not made of gold  and silver. Crystal is an excellent material for your friends. It  symbolizes health, energy, bright future, peace, silent life and so on.  The necklace here is made of crystal, and it covers all the meaning  mentioned above. Giving such a necklace to your friend makes her feel  that you value your friendship. Second,  a good necklace requires high glossiness. Some iron or copper necklace  will keep original look just for about two months because the iron or  copper may tarnish when meeting sweat. The outside material will fall  off and ruin its appearance. But crystal necklace will keep its original  look forever. The outside material will never drop off. Crystal itself  has edges and corners, so it will keep bright all the time especially  when there is sunshine. For our crystal necklace, it will keep its high  glossiness all the time. When your friend wears it to attend a party,  all the people will be attracted by it. Third,  the button plays an important role. Many people’s necklaces have been  lost because the button is loose, and they don’t know when it falls off  the necklace. As for this necklace, you don’t need to worry because it  has a beefy role and a tight button which can not be separated from the  role. You’ll be able to get much cheaper price of imitation Tudor watches.



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