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How to choose necklace and pendant

  • By patricia mccarthy
  • Published 05/31/2011
  • Writing

A  large number of women are obsessed with necklaces, which are elegant,  compact and romantic. For centuries, the diamond necklace is a woman’s  dream. From the 17th century to the 19th century, European women,  whether noble or civilian, are hanging a diamond necklace around their  neck.  When  you want to buy a necklace or pendant, the first thing you need to  consider is the length. People usually choose necklaces to make up for  deficiencies. For people who have long necks, they are more likely to  choose necklaces which are short to reduce the length of the neck. Short  neck people are advised to wear long necklaces or “v” shaped necklaces,  so you can increase the sense of slender.   

You  should choose necklaces according to face shape. For people who have  tapered faces, v-shaped necklaces should not be their choices, for they  will repeat their sharp lines. For pe

ople who have round faces, longer  necklaces will make their faces longer. For people who have oval-shaped  face, all kinds of necklaces are suitable. And if it is a long  oval-shaped face, you might consider a short necklace to coordinate. As  to square-shaped face, wearing a “v”-shaped necklace with pendant can  make her face look more slender.   You  should always pay attention to the quality of the necklace. When buying  the necklace, you should first try it on, and then check whether the  circular chain is natural, if the chain twists and turns, it will feel  uncomfortable when worn. Second, you should straighten the necklace,  pick up one end with one hand, gently sway, and then pick up the other  end with the other hand, wait until the necklace no longer shakes in the  air. Then you can see if the necklace is braided twisted, whether it is  with obvious knot or not. Finally, you should gently strike the  necklace with a nail and check whether the flexibility is good.



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