How to Choose the Best Spot for Your Fruit Tree


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Choosing the right place is vital when growing a fruit tree. You should consider its proximity to a building, electric line, sidewalk, or anything that might disturb its growth. Once you’ve planted your tree, it will not be a good idea to unearth it and change its spot just because you’ve made the wrong choice.

To help you decide where to plant, you should be aware of the size of your fruit tree. Whether your tree size is standard, semi-dwarf, or dwarf matters. For a dwarf tree to grow, it will need an 8-foot diameter area. Semi-dwarf trees, on the other hand, need a 15-foot wide area. Standard fruit trees can take up an area as wide as 30 feet. You should prune your tree at least once a year to make its size fall within your preference.

Your tree needs sunlight to survive. Providing it with the right amount of sunlight is important. Make sure that your tree is not getting too much sunlight. On the extreme end, your tree will die if it doesn’t get the amount of sunlight it needs. Thus, don’t plant your tree in a place where sunlight is either blocked by something or constantly present the entire day.

In deciding where to plant your tree, make sure that the spot you choose is convenient for watering, harvesting, and pruning. You would not want to plant your tree near your house or fence because it will make pruning and harvesting hard for you. If your tree grows over your fence, the fruit might fall into your neighbor’s backyard and might cause some trouble. Also, make sure that you plant you tree where it will be easy to water. Put your tree where the sprinkler could reach it, that is, if you have a sprinkler system in your yard. If you don’t have one, plant the tree within the reach of your water hose.

Probably the most important thing to consider when planting a fruit tree is whether your soil is suitable for your tree or not. Make sure it has enough nutrients and moisture, it is of the right texture, and there is proper water drainage. You can opt to modify your soil to make it suitable for your tree. Get a sample of your soil and take it to the lab. This way, you’ll be able to know the nutrients present in your soil. If your soil lacks nutrients, you can go to your local nursery or any other store selling gardening supplies and buy a fertilizer that can enhance your soil.

The key to picking the ideal spot for your fruit tree is proper planning. You wouldn’t want to care for a tree for a long time and then have to cut it down later because you’ve made a big mistake when you picked its present spot.


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