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How to choose the best tablet pc

  • By Murphy Beverly
  • Published 03/29/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Tablet PC is quite popular nowadays.  Compared with a laptop, it is simpler to use. It operates as a  combination of the notebook and the PDA which have the benefits of  mobility and high technology. Its handwriting recognition function  enabled a more professional and organized digital text. Thanks to its  fashionable design and lightweight, you can carry it everywhere for easy  surfing. Do you want an opportunity to benefit from the advanced  technology? Here are some advices for you to choose the best tablet PC.   It comes in three forms. Based on  how mobile you want your tablet to be, you can choose the form that best  meets your need. Convertible models are ones that attach with keyboard  and touch pad whose scan can be swiveled 180 degrees, much like the  regular laptop. A slate tablet PC, in contrast, is much portable since  it is designed without dedicated keyboard. Hybrid models are ones that  share features of both of the models.   A tablet PC with speech recognition  soft ware is our best choice. Though digital pen, stylus and a mobile  keyboard are available, none of these are easier or quicker than  speaking to your computer.   When it comes to the battery life,  up to 4 hours is considered a good battery life. Because you may set the  tablet PC away from our room. It is of great importance if you travel a  lot.   RAM plays a very important role in  computer’s overall performance. When selecting a tablet PC, make sure  that it has a memory of a minimum of 2GB. And more is better. More  powerful processor can customize the memory to 8GB. But in my opinion,  it is not practical.   If you have the dilemma of choosing  between mechanical storage and solid state drive, solid state have the  edge. Compared with mechanical storage, it makes less noise and less  power is needed to operate.   There are many other aspects you should pay attention to. I hope these advices will be helpful. Click the following link now to discover the fabulous selection of fake Dior watches.



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