How to Choose the Right Perfume

The fragrance a woman wears can say a lot about her. Chosen and worn properly, it can give the world around her important clues to who she is. Some important considerations along with what fragrance to choose are how strong of a scent is preferred and the price the lady is willing to pay for the fragrance.

Perfumes are the strongest and most expensive, therefore requiring a person to wear less of the product at a time. Colognes and eau de toilette preparations serve much the same purpose, but with a lighter scent for those who wish to wear less fragrance at a time or for those who would like to wear something but have a more limited budget. Unfortunately, many women ignore the actual quantity of fragrance when they wear eau de toilette and tend to use too much, thus overpowering the people around them with the scent. When a woman wears just the right amount of fragrance, the people around her will become curious as to how she chose it and more likely to approach her to find out, thus starting a conversation.

The two best ways to actually choose what fragrance to wear are to visit the perfume counter of a department store to experience the fragrances and to collect test samples from magazines while deciding. Always, as a top priority, test the fragrances to make sure they do not set off allergic reactions before buying any. Many women also test the fragrances they are considering buying to make sure the fragrance works well with their body chemistry. A good match between the woman’s body chemistry and the scent she chooses to wear will help her feel better about herself, and the confidence will attract others to talk to her.

Of course, the scent itself also has a large part in the decision of what fragrance to wear. For example, a woodsy, outdoorsy scent will give people the impression that the person wearing it is a rugged, athletic woman who loves to hike in the woods, whereas an ultra feminine, floral type of scent tends to project that the lady wearing it is equally feminine and perhaps very romantic. Spicy fragrances fall into two categories, as those derived from hotter spices give off the sense that the wearer is looking for adventure, while the wearer of a sweeter smelling scent truly enjoys time spent in the kitchen. Some manufacturers even blend aspects of different categories into a new scent for those daring women who would really like to project an air of mystery to others by wearing their favorite scent. Commonly, floral and spicy notes are mixed together into one product to create olfactory excitement for those around the wearer of the product. This would portray to many people that the lady wearing the scent is a romantic, ladylike person who also has a very adventurous side to her personality. Matching categories such as these to the personality is the most intriguing part of choosing a scent.


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