How to Choose the Right Rug


Authored by Donna Ryan in Furniture
Published on 10-22-2009

With the wide selection of rugs to choose from on the Internet, one can be thrown off by the vast numbers of styles and colors. Nevertheless, while style and coloring are important to the décor, we should also place weight on the quality and durability of the rug we pick.

If you’re seeking any rug then, you need to consider the traffic in the area and how much of a pounding the carpet may receive on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, give thought to the location you want to place your rug in as well as texture and design. Once you better understand how to incorporate the various weaves, styles, colors and treatments into your decorating plans you can make a more informed buying decision.

Think about your décor and how each of the various styles of rugs will fit in. Review your color scheme. How will the colors of the rug work with the colors and shades of your drapes and furniture? Usually Berber carpeting is dependable for placement in a room that sees a lot of activity. Berber carpet is ideal in family rooms and playrooms as well as hallways.

A braided rug is a nice addition on hardwood or laminate wood flooring. Usually these rugs are composed of wool fiber so it’s best not to store them away if you don’t want them consumed by moths. They can catch dust and debris pretty readily so it’s best to place them in an area that doesn’t attract a great deal of activity. A guest bedroom, formal living room or sewing room might be good places for a rug of this nature.

Oriental rugs are excellent high quality rugs and can be placed in many areas of the house where you want to add a touch of elegance and antiquity. You can place these types of carpets up a staircase, as runners down a hall, in a den or library or in a living room. If you want to add charm and buy a rug that will last, an Oriental rug can’t be surpassed.

Sculpted rugs are great to add to an area such as a living room or dining room. Designed with sculpted pile, these rugs can be worked into a number of decorating themes. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the perfect area rug to integrate into your décor.

Area rugs generally are used to accent a room in a number of ways. They are often used as the focal point of a setting. They can also be hung as a piece of wall art or used as a runner down a hallway. Rugs can be placed in almost any area of the house including the kitchen, bath, living room, dining room, family room, hallway, on the patio, in the kitchen and even in the garage. You can bring the colors and theme of your décor together with an area rug. Therefore, look at the colors in your room. What is the theme? Is it modern or traditional? Do you need a rug that is durable?

Keep this all in mind as you shop online for the perfect rug and hopefully you’ll prevail.


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