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How to Clean Your Ray Ban Glasses?

Gone are the days when glasses did not have any place in the list of stylish accessorize. People wearing glasses were considered boring. It was used only for the sake of getting a better vision. The notion has changed over the time. Glasses can now make or break your style statement as it is considered one of the most important fashion accessories. Whether you want a casual look or a formal look, a serious look or a funky look, picking up the right pair of glasses can give you your desired look.

Most of the renowned brands are now designing glasses that are an ideal combination of style and functionality. Brands like Ray-Ban has become hugely popular since the ray ban glasses can help people to establish their style statement. With this brand you are sure to find the type of glass you are looking for. You will definitely find one or the other model complementing your personality and dressing sense.

Ray-Ban glasses are quite expensive. The brand offers quality material that lasts long. However, you will have to clean the glasses at regular intervals to ensure that it remains well maintained so that you can enjoy optimal visual pleasure and at the same time look stylish.

Let’s have a look at how to clean Ray-Ban glasses.

1.       The most important to thing to remember for cleaning a branded glass is that you should opt for cleaning cloths that are specifically meant for this purpose. Most of the eye-care outlets sell such clothes.

2.       Inspect your Ray-Ban glasses carefully to spot grim and dirt. You should clean it with water. This will remove loose dirt and grim.

3.       Take the eye-glass cleaning cloth and wipe the class with it in a side-to-side motion. Make sure that the entire surface of each of the lenses is thoroughly cleaned. Let your glasses air dry.

4.       Try to find out if the glass contains any smudges? If so, you will have to apply a mild solution to clean it. Make a solution of warm water and two drops of dish soap.

5.       Now dip your glasses in the solution. Let it be in the solution for a few minutes. Then rub the affected areas with the cleaning cloth delicately. Once the smudges are gone, you should rub the lenses entirely. Don’t forget to clean the hinges.

6.       If you seen any grimy buildup in the nose pieces or hinges, you should also clean that. You can unscrew the nose pieces and hinges, clean them and then put them back into places.

When you buy glasses, you will get a manual. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the glass. A particular model may require special cleaning methods. For example, if you buy Ray-Ban wayfarer glasses you will find that the way you should clean it is different from the way you should clean Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. Therefore, following the manufacturer’s instruction is the best way to ensure that you clean the glasses properly.


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