How to Conceive a Girl


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Pregnancy
Published on 02-08-2009

You might be dreaming of pretty ribbons and fancy dresses for the baby you are planning to conceive. It might be your dream to have a baby girl first or to give birth to a girl after having one or more sons. There are methods you can use to attempt to conceive a girl. Only medical intervention can give you a nearly 100% chance of conceiving one sex over another.

A fun way to try to conceive a girl is to use the Chinese Conception Chart. The chart uses the lunar month of conception as well as a mother’s lunar age to predict the baby’s gender. You can calculate your lunar age and the lunar month by visiting babyhopes.com.

There are a few supplements and over the counter medicines that are believed to help a couple conceive a girl. Most of these supplements are expected to make a woman’s body more receptive to the X chromosome from a sperm that is needed to create a girl. Some women try taking a Sudafed about one day before they plan to attempt to conceive a baby. Other women start using magnesium and calcium for a few months before they plan to conceive a baby.

Another method that some women claim works like a charm when trying to conceive a girl, is the O+12 method. When using this method, a woman will try to conceive a child about 12 hours after she is believed to have ovulated. A woman can use ovulation kit predictors to try to pinpoint when she will ovulate.

According to the Whelan Method, a couple should pinpoint the day that the woman should ovulate in order to try to conceive a baby near that time. Dr. Whelan does not believe a couple should attempt to conceive their child several days before ovulation. That method is proposed by Dr. Shettles. He says that a couple who wants to conceive a baby girl should start trying to conceive after menstruation is over. The Shettles method says a couple should stop trying to conceive somewhere around three days before ovulation is expected.

Change your diet for a couple months or few weeks before trying to conceive a baby.

It is believed that if the PH in the woman’s body is more acidic than basic, then the body will be less conducive to the survival of the sperm which would result in a baby boy. Therefore, the baby girl producing sperm can fertilize the egg. Following this theory a woman should eat lemons, grapefruit and other acidic fruits while avoiding foods that are high in potassium or salt.

You can choose the sex of your baby as close to accurately as possible with artificial insemination. The doctors can select the sperm that will result in conception of a girl. It is this sperm that will be used to fertilize the mother’s egg through artificial insemination. As you can imagine, this form of gender selection would be very expensive and make it impossible to conceive a baby the way nature intended. It is also highly controversial to use medicine to conceive the gender of a baby you desire most.

Most people just let nature take its course in determining their baby’s gender. There are some easy approaches you can take to try to conceive a girl rather than a boy if you want to try.


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