How to Convert iTunes Files to MP3


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Music
Published on 12-23-2008

If you have an iPod or any Apple products, you probably know about iTunes. It is a software that can let you add and remove song from the gadgets. It is the easiest way to download and manage your favorite songs. This software got a library store where you could buy and download the songs that you want. Also this may sound as a good tool; there is one slight glitch about this system. The problem lies in the fact that the songs that you purchased can’t be played without the iTunes software or any other hardware not supported by Apple. This is because the music that you purchased has a certain kind of protection in AAC or M4P format. Apple explains that they are doing this to give better sound quality to people. But the truth is that it’s all about the money. If people can now make copies of materials that are copywriting, this may be a threat to the profits of recording companies. The DRM or Digital Right Management is the one supervising everything. It was created to simply control the duplication and distribution of any music. When it comes to playing songs outside iTunes, the DRM is restricting the consumers from doing what they want to do to the music they now own.

Mp3 is known to be the standard when it comes to digital audio. MP3 music can be played anywhere whether it is portable player or in pc. You can also burn this kind of music to any CD. When you purchase a song from the Apple store, your problem is that it doesn’t create an MP3 file. The file is really protected and cannot be played unless you have the iTunes software. You can’t even copy them to other gadgets or equipment not unless it is made from Apple.

How to Convert iTunes to MP3

It is easy to convert iTunes music to MP3 file. All you have to do is right click the music track in the iTunes, you will have the option to convert selection to another format. The most common thing to see is the one that says Convert Selection to AAC. This is probably a useless thing because your iTunes tracks are all in AAC format. The next thing is to click on the button / Preferences / Advanced / Importing. You need to change the default setting to MP3 Encoder. Click the Ok button in order to save. There is another option which is right clicking on the music track straight to MP3 but the software would restrict you because it is a protected file.

AAC to MP3

There are two ways of converting AAC music to MP3 that can defy restrictions. The first thing is to burn the track in a CD. You can open this CD in the iTunes application and then you can convert instantly the music. The second is for the people who got a lot of music to convert. There are some tools and software that you can use to help you process as many songs as possible.


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