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How To Create A Resume

  • By Art Gib
  • Published 10/2/2009
  • Writing

Online jobseekers that search the career websites for their next position are discovering that they need an online presence of their own to display their talents and showcase their past work. Many job listing websites allow users to create a login and password that allows them access to upload and save a resume that can then be submitted more easily to positions of interest that are listed within the website. Many of these online resumes are unable to format different fonts and sizes and only list critical information that is presented in a plain text format. While keywords contained with these online resumes can be searched by potential employers, the plain text versions of a persons accomplishments and work history lack punch. Many people writing a resume have no idea how to present themselves to hiring managers and interviewers. There are some important dos and do nots when it comes to creating a good resume. Because many positions are listed online it is a good idea to build a crisp professional resume online through a resume building website. Before getting started however job applicants should think about what they want to say and how they wish to present their professional image to the world, by looking at resume writing examples from other people they can know what to say and how to say it.

Many resumes include sections about education and past work experience, but

some people get carried away in their presentation about themselves and add information about that is irrelevant to hiring managers and detracts from the professional presentation of the person. No one cares what subjects you took in high school or if you were a scout or a cheerleader. Irrelevant or useless information that may be important to you will not help you to get a job. Keep your information pertinent and brief. Highlight what you have done for employers to improve their sales or contribute to the goals of business. Your successes are important, but how those successes relate to business is more important. Dates and locations are not as important as business names and positions held. If you did a good job and were a model employee it does not matter how long you were employed at a particular business.

Again in referencing other peoples resume writing examples it is important to note that they are only referencing work that is pertinent to the job that they want. Being a fry cook in a fast food restaurant in college is not important if you graduated in business and finance. Remember that listing only the information that will help the employer to do better and make a profit is important and past successes that are important milestones in life may not translate to relevant skills in business. By looking for and reviewing some resume writing examples you can see what others are doing and create your resume so that it will be interesting and relevant to the position you are seeking.



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