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How To Create Effective Email Marketing Advertisements

  • By Kevin Sinclair
  • Published 06/16/2008
  • Writing for the Web

The use of emails to distribute and display your ads is a good way to go about things, but you may find you need to adjust the ads slightly to ensure they are more appropriate for email marketing. Steer clear of including attachments as more and more people are wary of opening them, especially when from a source they either do not recognize or have not had many dealings with in the past. As we all know, attachments are the favored tools of hackers who infect our computers with viruses so there is no wonder people are reluctant to open emails containing them. Avoid the use of images as graphics of any kind need longer to download and your readers may not be patient enough to wait. If images absolutely have to be used they should be small ensuring ease when downloading. If small images will simply not do, then make sure they are spliced to help the way they are displayed. Just in case the images do not show up in the recipients email server, you should ensure you have a text backup to fill in the gap.

If you want to go on and on about your services or products

then this should be done on your blog or website. Keep your emails short and sweet because the recipient of your mail has control of shutting you out at any given time. If your messages are to the point and interesting this can be prevented. Make sure once you have obtained the email address of your customer with their consent, that you then have his or her permission to contact them with email advertisements. This way your mail will not be mistaken and labeled as SPAM Sometimes we get so involved making things just perfect we tend to omit something really important like including our own contact details. When this happens all your hard work comes to nothing. You should always include your name, the business name and address, landline, mobile and fax numbers and email and website addresses and all of these should be placed in a highly visible spot on the email.

It’s always a good idea to have your product sample tested and reviewed. If the feedback is not favorable its time to go back to square one and review what you have on offer. If good feedback is received then start working on an interesting email ad and get it out there as soon as you can.



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