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How to Create Powerful Headlines For Your Online Business Opportunity Article

  • By Juhani Tontti
  • Published 12/24/2008
  • Article Writing

So the job of the headline is to be a short ad of the article, to draw the readers attraction and to be search engine friendly, i.e. keyword optimized. His means that the writer must plan it before writing. My opinion is that the headline for your legitimate online business article should be teasing, i.e. it should tell something, a little bit, from the content and to make your imagination to work. Additionally it should be according to your online business opportunity strategy building the brand. When you plan your article about online home based business opportunity, you should actually plan all elements of the process at the same time, title, teaser, body, Bio Box and the job of the landing page. So the idea is not that the reader just reads the article but very obviously that he will click the link in the Bio Box. The article and the landing page form a process, where every element has a specific job. In a way your online business opportunity article draws enthusiastic visitors to your landing page in a good state of mind, waiting for more useful things for them. In this process the article headline is the starting point, like a hook, which has a very special job to do. If you think the headline of your online business opportunity standing alone in the long list of some article directory, you can easily imagine how demanding job it has. It has to separate itself, to be able to stand out from the crowd, or otherwise it does not work.

There are some small things, which work and are important for your online home business title. Numbers work well, especially odd numbers like 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11. They give an impression that the article has a very researched content. I think this comes from the fa

ct that people like to count and that they also like that the content is structured. There are also some words and terms, which are proven successes in the title. Words like amazing, system, method, tested, excellent, for instance, work well. On the other hand, certain terms and words push the readers away, they are somehow threatening. As you know, the online business opportunity marketing is driven by the keywords. Keywords are the terms with which people search information from the search engines and along which the search engines put the information into a certain order on their result pages. So these keywords should be the writers friends too, because they will help both the readers and the search engines. Now the writer must pick one keyword, rather long tail one, for his article nad for the title too. This keyword, or search term, should be very describing, i.e. to tell the topic of the article. We can say that the more you use long tail search terms, which match your article topics, the better results you will get. Your main keyword should be in the title, teaser, body and the Bio Box in a hyperlink. This Bio Box is very important, I would say second most important place in your article, because it works as an short text ad, which has to draw the reader to the landing page. As said earlier, what the headline has started must go on on the landing page, where you have to call the reader into action. But the headline must not promise anything the landing page cannot fulfil, otherwise you will get depressed visitors.

As a summary, if you think your headline like it would be a TV ad, a short 15 second TV spot and it has to promise something useful to the watcher, you understand the requirements of the title. However to create these titles is fun and very rewarding. And they will build your brand better than anything else.



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