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How to Create Web Portal Content That Engages Your Audience

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 09/28/2009
  • Article Writing

If you are running a portal for a website, you know the importance of having interesting and fresh content to keep your site’s audience coming back for more. It is not enough that your articles are well written or that you post new content every single day. There is more to that merely creating any type of content. For this reason, creating web portal content that is engaging and will solicit the right response from its viewers are the exact content that you will want to see on your portal. There are many kinds of content, but the more popular ones are articles, images (graphics, drawings, photographs), sounds, and videos. While these types of content differ in the medium that they use and the purpose they have for each viewer, they all share the same qualities that every good content should possess. These qualities are the following: 1. Unique A good web portal content is original. It is unique and easily identifiable from the rest of the other content either on your site or on other people’s websites. It is not a rip off of a popular content, rather it aims to be ripped off by those who have no sense of originality and creativeness. 2. Interesting

It must be fun to watch or will highly pique the interest of the viewer or reader. It does not aim to be weird. Although at times it might be w

eird, it is however still of high quality and does not insult the IQ of its audience. 3. Fresh Effective content is usually new. There is a good reason why news are very popular among the majority of Internet users. This is because people like to be kept updated with what is happening in the rest of the world. Anything that is new and is worth telling others will usually make for a great content for your portal. 4. Inspire the reader. A properly created content can inspire its audience to react, do some action, or merely contemplate about what he has just read or seen. It does not pretend to be too grand as to change the world; It just aims to elicit some kind of reaction or influence on its audience. 5. Timelessness A well thought out content will stood the test of time. And it will not just be relevant for a couple of months, but it will still be worth reading many years since its initial publication. It will remain fresh for a long time and each time someone views it for the first time, it will create the same effect on that person as it did on the very first group of people who first saw it.

The above mentioned are the best qualities that every creator of web portal content should target. Yes, it is hard to achieve all of those mentioned here but if you want your portal or any kind of website to succeed and be known to all, your content should be outstanding in the first place.


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