How to Create Your Own Tattoo


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Body Arts 
Published on 02-10-2009

Body art is a way for people to express themselves. Each tattoo tells a story, or has personal meaning to the person wearing it. Because each tattoo is such an expression of a person’s emotions, many people would prefer to create their own tattoo design over picking a random design from a wall or book in a tattoo parlor. The key is picking a good tattoo artist who can replicate your vision.

If you can draw, you should draw the letters or picture that you want, in the size that you want to take to the artist. It is important to carefully choose which colors to include in your design, and work with the artist to get a realistic price for the final tattoo. The more colors that you add to your design, the more expensive you tattoo will cost. If you are unsure whether or not you want to keep your tattoo forever, you may want to choose fewer colors, as tattoos with fewer colors are easier to cover up. Although you can now get tattoos removed, you will never completely get rid of the design, and a faint scar will always be present. Black is the easiest color to remove, and blue is the most difficult to remove.

For those of you who have absolutely zero artistic ability, you have the option of using one of the many Internet Web Sites to take you through the process of creating your work of body art. These sites sometimes cost money, but it is worth the price because most people will have tattoos forever. On these web sites, you first choose a design, and modify the size that you want. You then can add colors and various scripts. The great part about on-line designs is that you can quickly change parts of the artwork to see if you like a color, font, or size better, and in this way you can manipulate the design until you get what you want. Then, all that you have to do is print out your creation and take it into a tattoo artist. The artist will replicate the print onto your body.

If for any reason you are not positive that your design will look right on your body, you should first purchase a Henna Tattoo. You can buy a kit, but the best recommendation is to go to a Henna Artist, who can recreate the outline of your design. Although you will not be able to see all of the colors of an ink tattoo, this will give you an idea of whether or not you feel comfortable wearing the initial tattoo design. They can transfer your design onto a stencil, and sketch it onto your skin. These tattoos will last one to four weeks on your body depending on the products you use on your skin and your body temperature.

You can also purchase a temporary tattoo kit. Follow all of the steps to design your tattoo on-line, and then print the design onto the temporary tattoo paper with an ink-jet printer. The advantage of this kit is that you can see how the tattoo will actually look, sans the pain of getting a real tattoo, and test it out for a few days to see if you really like wearing the design. Unlike Henna Tattoos, temporary tattoos only last two to four days. This should still give you enough time to see if you like wearing the tattoo.


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