How to Cure an Upset Stomach


Authored by Veronica Bergschneider in Health
Published on 12-02-2009

It often seems each person has his or her own method for how to cure an upset stomach. For many, chemical and pharmaceutical options are the answer. However, others prefer natural and more digestible ways to try to cure upset stomach symptoms, regardless of whether they feel an acid reflux attack, nausea or even diarrhea.

Often, the ideas on how to cure an upset stomach and its symptoms include eating certain types of food. Many recommend that a pregnant woman suffering morning sickness start here. The nauseous person is advised to eat dry foods that contain carbohydrates. Generally, toast or crackers work well, and when these stay down, protein may be added to them in the form of peanut butter provided the person with the upset stomach is not allergic. Whole grain bread or crackers provide an extra level of nutrition and power to soak up the acid in the patient’s stomach to help alleviate the symptoms of the upset stomach.

To cure an upset stomach, fluids are also essential. Peppermint teas and other beverages made from this extract calm the system, and if the symptoms occur in the evening, chamomile can be given to help relax the patient. Many people who look to natural and herbal remedies also recommend ginger for calming an upset stomach. Some of these people prefer to make a tea of the herb or add it to a peppermint or other tea, while others drink it in the form of ginger ale, sometimes allowing it to become flat if carbonation causes too much belching.

To cure an upset stomach accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting, an electrolyte solution will help balance out the digestive system. For younger sour stomach sufferers or those with more delicate systems, look for formulas geared toward children in the pharmacy or supermarket. Those healthy adults looking to cure an upset stomach by electrolytic means can drink the various sports drinks to replenish their sodium, potassium, and other necessary nutrients.

When these food and drink cures for an upset stomach do not work, many turn to over the counter medications to help the effort. However, caution must be exercised in using these aids, as it would with any drug. Always read the label and make sure the ingredients will not react adversely with other medications the person may be taking. Many of the acid reducing medications used to cure an upset stomach contain calcium carbonate to soak up the acid causing the symptoms while providing the nutritional boost of calcium. Other medications in this category work by coating the source of the acid with a chemical base to neutralize the acids and the heartburn or other upset stomach symptoms the acids cause.

Thus, one can see that to cure an upset stomach, pharmaceuticals are not always necessary. Sometimes, simple home remedies work as well as things bought in the store. A kitchen that is well stocked with carbohydrate bearing foods, electrolyte solutions or sports drinks, and herbal teas or even ginger ale can provide all of the relief a person needs from an upset stomach in many cases.


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