How to Cure Bed Bug Bites


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Diseases 
Published on 12-06-2009

These days most people know what bed bugs are. Just a few years ago they were relatively unheard of. Today there are features on news programs and editorials in magazines discussing these tiny insects. This is a more commonly talked about subject because bed bugs are increasingly becoming a problem. They are infesting homes, hotels and dorms. It seems everyone is wondering how to get rid of these pests once and for all.

The hatchlings are about the size of a poppy seed. They are so small that one would hardly notice them on the bedspread or carpet. One-quarter inch in length is the average adult size and they are usually white to deep brown in color. When they bite they can cause allergic reactions. For bed bug bites there are a few solutions that work. Curing bed bug bites is usually quite easy.

To cure bed bug bites the first step is treating them with a topical anti-itch cream. This is going to help reduce inflammation and irritation of the bites. Cortisone also works well and should be applied directly onto the welts. Anyone who is experiencing more severe reactions should use some antiseptic ointment on the area. This helps to prevent infection. Often it is easy enough to treat bed bug bites right at home but in some cases medical attention will be required.

No one should feel embarrassed or ashamed about showing their bed bug bites to a doctor. This is a very common problem today and it’s one that is important to deal with. The most important thing is to avoid scratching the bites. This may seem to help with the itching but it will make the skin more prone to infection and cause redness in the bites. Some people are required to take oral antibiotics if this happens to cure their bed bug bites once and for all.

While getting treatment to cure bed bug bites, steps should also be taken to rid the area of the pests. They usually infest the bedroom, hiding in cracks and crevices around the bed where the host is sleeping. First take the linens off the bed and peek under the tufts and seams of the mattress. This is where most bed bugs are found. Especially if the mattress is used, there may be an infestation of the little critters and dark red smears where adults full of blood have been squashed.

The idea alone can definitely turn the stomach but at least it is good to know that there are ways to take care of these bugs. Of course the easiest method would be to throw everything out and get an entire new bedroom set, but this is simply not plausible for most people. A thorough washing of blankets and vacuuming over all sides of the mattresses is the first step. Any rugs or carpets on the floor should also get a good cleaning. On hardwood and other types of flooring that are full of cracks, the perfect home for bed bugs, there are bed bug treatment sprays that will work well.

In serious cases a professional exterminator should be called. They will come prepared with all the right sprays and equipment to take care of the pests. Typically these pros will use hot, dry steam to kill the bugs. They will pile up all furniture or possibly even remove it from the room. They do a thorough cleaning and ensure the bugs are all gone before letting the homeowner back in.

Prevention is essential to keeping bed bugs from coming back. Washing bed linens on a regular basis is important. Make a schedule to clean them at least once every two weeks to get rid of any bed bugs that may have found their way back in. Bed bugs are often brought unknowingly into the home after travels. When staying at a hotel or other accommodation it’s important to keep luggage off the floor during the stay. These are a few very simple tips that will help to avoid bed bug infestations.


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