How to Cure Bleeding Hemorrhoids


Authored by Sandy Rothra in Diseases
Published on 11-04-2009

Bleeding hemorrhoids are swollen veins that become inflamed. It is a common condition caused by straining, life style including poor diet and insufficient exercise, or pregnancy. Bleeding hemorrhoids may first be noticed by seeing blood in the stool. Sometimes that is the only symptom. This may be frightening. However, the bleeding is simply inflamed and irritated veins inside the anus. Some other symptoms that may be noticed are rectal itching, rectal irritation, and a lump at the rectal opening.

Although bleeding hemorrhoids are not a serious problem, rectal bleeding could indicate something else. Therefore it is important to have a doctor evaluate your condition. Depending on the severity, there are several ways to treat and cure bleeding hemorrhoids.

Bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy may disappear after the birth. Although common and very uncomfortable during pregnancy, usually the only treatment needed is attention to diet and fluids. You may use home remedies or over-the-counter remedies to decrease the discomfort. Because a major cause of bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy is the added pressure in the pelvic area, the child’s birth will relieve the pressure and the hemorrhoids often just disappear.

Prevent bleeding hemorrhoids by preventing constipation and straining. To do this you must increase fiber and fluids in your diet. That means that you need to consume more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and drink at least eight glasses of water each day. You should also exercise regularly – at least walking.

Relieve your bleeding hemorrhoids with home remedies. The primary purpose is to keep the rectal area clean without irritating it. Use wipes or cotton to clean the area rather than normal tissue. Bathing or sitz baths are soothing and cleansing. Although they will not usually cure bleeding hemorrhoids, suppositories and ointments made for this purpose are often effective in relieving the discomfort. These are not cures. They will give you some relief while waiting for lifestyle changes or pregnancy termination to effect the cure.

Your doctor can cure your bleeding hemorrhoids with rubber band ligation. A rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid will cut off the blood supply. The hemorrhoids will then shrink and disappear.

Your doctor can cure your bleeding hemorrhoids with sclerotherapy. An injection of a substance around the hemorrhoid will cause it to shrink.

Your doctor can cure your bleeding hemorrhoids with electrical heat or laser. Either of these will burn the hemorrhoid and cause it to recede.

Cure your bleeding hemorrhoids with surgery. If your hemorrhoids are severe, surgery may be the only option. Your doctor will remove the hemorrhoids completely. This is a very common surgery and you should be able to function normally within about two weeks.

Once your bleeding hemorrhoids have been controlled, you must take several measures to prevent their return. To keep the stools soft and prevent straining, add stool softeners and fiber to your diet daily. Drink enough fluids each day, usually at least eight glasses. Get some moderate exercise daily and control your weight. Above all, keep the area clean.


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