How to Cure Infection without Antibiotics It is Possible to Say No to Antibiotics


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Diseases 
Published on 02-26-2009

In some cases you can rid yourself of infections without the use of antibiotics. There was a time when doctors were quick to prescribe antibiotics. As a result they have become much less effective in combating infections. Of course, there are some people who are allergic to many types of antibiotics. Fortunately, there are some potential natural remedies to treat many common infections.

If you have a severe infection or a serious infectious illness, you do need proper medical care. In the severest of cases antibiotics can be a lifesaver. Use caution whenever using herbs and other supplements to treat any illnesses. Meet with a professional herbalist or a specialist at a heath food store before taking any herbal treatments.

A natural cure for a sinus infection can sometimes be as simple as using a vaporizer. The vapors can kill two birds with one stone by helping to soothe the symptoms of a sinus infection while also killing the bacteria causing the infection. Grapefruit seed extract is a common herb that is used to treat sinus infections as well. You can purchase this in health food stores and other stores offering herbs and supplements. In fact, you can purchase grapefruit seed extract that can be applied to your nasal passages using a nose dropper.

Colloidal Silver is an alternative treatment remedy that is gaining attention as a way to fight off infections. This remedy was first used decades ago as a topical treatment for skin infections. There are now forms of the supplement that can be taken orally to help fight off all types of infections. Keep in mind that too much of this product can be dangerous to your body. Use supplements according to the instructions.

Oregon grape is becoming an increasingly popular supplement that is taken to help fight off infection. This item helps to create a strong immune system and to destroy bacteria that could or is making you ill. Goldenseal and barberry are also commonly used to help protect an individual from being invaded by harmful bacteria.

Honey works well as a treatment for topical infections. It can be used to help heal nasty scrapes and cuts. And adding honey to your tea, can help you to feel better if you are suffering from a sinus infection or cold. Another natural topical antibiotic that works wonders is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil should only be taken if it is diluted and should never be used internally.

Vitamin C can be used to fight bacteria and to help maintain a health body that is more resistant to harmful bacteria and infections. You must always be careful not to take too much Vitamin C as it can cause nausea, kidney stones and other ailments. Follow daily recommended doses on the bottle of Vitamin C you purchase.

There are any number of natural antibiotics. You can talk with a professional herbalist for advice on natural antibiotics. Always follow all instructions carefully. If you are on prescription medication, talk to a pharmacist for any potential drug interactions. Do not take herbal medicine if you are a woman who is pregnant or if you are breastfeeding your baby. Always use alternative medication with caution.


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