How To Date Your Husband


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Marriage 
Published on 01-14-2010

Once you’re married, more important things seem to take over your life besides dating. Between work, kids, family functions and taking care of the house, you find you haven’t had any time as a couple. Taking the time to date your husband will help rekindle the love in your relationship. The date doesn’t have to be long. All that matters is taking a few hours out of your hectic schedule to spend time with your husband.


Take the time to cook your husband’s favorite meal. Set the table for two and have a nice, peaceful dinner. If you have kids, allow them to eat in their rooms for the night and give them a movie to watch afterwards. This gives you time to enjoy the meal with your husband and talk about his and your days.

If you don’t have time to cook, pick up take out from his favorite restaurant. It’s the thought that counts. The two of you can share clean up to have even more time together.

Plan a Night Out

Ask your husband out on a date. Treat him to dinner and a movie. You can also take him to a sporting event, concert or something else the two of you enjoy doing together. To make the night even more special, leave your husband notes about how excited you are throughout the week.

If you have the time, consider planning a weekend vacation. Even if you just spend the whole weekend in the hotel room watching television together and ordering room service, the stolen time together will strengthen your relationship with your husband.

Plan a Night In

If you can’t go out or prefer a night in, plan an at-home date night. Put the kids to bed early or ask someone to baby sit for a few hours. Snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie or sit around a talk like you used to when you were dating. Dress up for your husband instead of your job and treat him to a date a home.

Other Considerations

While you’re on your date, keep your attention focused on each other. Don’t answer the phone, unless it’s the babysitter. If you’re dating at home, clean the house, or at least the rooms you’ll be using. Buy a sexy outfit to remind him of the good ole days. Take the time to kiss, flirt and laugh. Forget about daily stresses. You can focus on the bad things later. The focus here is to have fun with each other. Your date doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Simple is perfect as long as you get to spend time with your husband.

Dating your husband isn’t any different than how you dated before you married him. Take the time to schedule regular date nights. You’ll be glad you took time out for one another. Don’t let your life become too busy that you take your husband for granted. Couples, even married couples, need time alone together to relax and savor the love they share.


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