How to Declutter a Kid’s Playroom


Authored by Jayant Row in Cleaning
Published on 03-29-2009

A playroom for a child is the right way to give the child plenty of space to play in and has the advantage that all the clutter that generally is intrinsic with playroom activity is confined to the four walls of that room. A playroom needs to be organized in such a way that it has storage that is both functional and attractive. Toys should be easy to find, for the child, and the organization should encourage the child to keep his playroom in order.

Finding the right way to store small toys is more easily said than done. A simple well divided bookshelf can be used. Different shelves can be used to store different types of toys, and if necessary the right sized containers of plastic or cardboard added in the shelves. Label the containers with pictures, so that the child is encouraged to use them correctly and reduce the clutter in his room.

Alternatively you can use shoe holders hung on doors or walls for use as containers for small toys, race cars, doll accessories and small stuffed toys. Even the child’s crayons and other art work materials can be stored in them.

Make out a separate area for the child to use when he is busy producing his art masterpieces or making those crafts projects for his school work. See that the materials that are required as well as the crayons, paints and stuff are kept nearby or in shelves or bins attached to the work table. This way he does not have to go looking for them and can keep the clutter confined to the work area. A place to display these artworks or craft is a must, even if it something as simple as a clothes line with clips.

Bigger toys, especially stuffed toys may be kept in specially made cardboard containers. Encourage or guide your child to make these containers him self and cover and decorate them so that they become an attractive feature of the playroom. And of course encourage him to use them correctly so that the playroom remains uncluttered once he has finished playing with the toys. Mesh type laundry baskets can also be used for this, and these can be hung on the wall or on doors. Or why not use the crib or playpen that he has outgrown, as a storage space for bigger toys.

The piles of toys in a child’s collection will always continue to grow, and there will come a time when it is apparent you would have to make up your mind to cull the collection and get rid of the toys that are now not being used. Involve the child when you are doing this, and listen to his preferences. He may not be willing to let go of his favorite toy, however broken down or ragged it has become. See if you can find charitable institutions that will take away your excess toys. There will be other children who could take advantage of your child’s large heartedness in agreeing to let go of some of his toys.

Above all, instill in your child the discipline of de-cluttering his room, and ensure that he always returns his toys to their designated storage areas once he has finished playing. This discipline can only come with persistence from you as a parent and your persuasive skills. Make the child think of it as a game that can get him rewards, and help to instill in him the habit of neatness, that will help him in future.


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