How To Deal With a Break Up


Authored by Jackie Acosta in Relationships 
Published on 11-13-2008

Getting out of a relationship is a big adjustment. Letting go of happy memories and learning to live without relying on the loved one is a painful task that many have gone through – and survived. Breaking up is one of the most difficult things in life but in most cases, it only takes time to realize that the break up is a blessing. While the time period of getting over a break-up varies for each person, there are ways to ease the pain and speed up the process of moving on with life.

It is natural to cry the heart out after a break up, at the early phase of moving on, this is even a necessity. Each person is entitled to temporary solitude and time to ponder on the relationship until the tears are all gone. It is in the early phases of break ups that it is most difficult to talk about what has happened so a person who just went through the break-up need not feel pressure to let the world know right away.

Once ready, it is advisable to approach a confidant or a group of close friends to talk about what happened. The first time will be difficult and a few teary moments is expected but it gets better as time goes. Telling friends and family about the break-up makes it more real and it does help in the process of moving forward. Seeking comfort from friends and loved ones would also do a great deal for the spirit and reduces the feeling of loneliness.

When the break-up is established and the tears are not free-flowing, it is time for a refreshing trip to the salon for some ego-boosting beauty treatment and a short trip to the mall for a couple of awesome outfits for going out! Bask in the joys of singlehood and dive into the nightlife! This does not mean that a person is out to jump into a new relationship; it is more of a sign that the person can enjoy life outside of a relationship. In so doing, it is best to make sure that areas where the ex would most likely be seen would be avoided at least for the first few months after the break-up. That is a show-stopper than can possibly ruin the night!

It is wise to avoid solitary moments at this point in fear if a relapse. Go out, get a new hobby, get into sports, exercise and do everything to feel good about your body. Self-pity is an awful side effect of a break-up and it just doesn’t do good for the soul. Focus on the positive things in life and enjoy every moment of it! More importantly a person must focus on loving herself more to regain confidence for a bright new life – eventually with someone else! The thought of a new relationship would be scary at first but if a break-up is dealt with properly, being prepared for a new relationship will eventually follow and this time the person would know how to handle a relationship even better.


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