How to Deal With Business Travel on a Short Notice

Authored by Gary Eugene in Travel Preparation
Published on 12-14-2008

Everybody hates going on business trips on short notice. It is always better to plan ahead when you are considering going on a trip. Experience dictates that when we practice this kind of preparation, fewer problems will be encountered when traveling. In the business world, however, it is not unusual that you need to go to a certain place right away since the immediacy of your arrival will ultimately determine the accomplishment of a business goal. You will be pleased to know that for short notice trips, there are actually a number of preparations that you can take on to make up for the lack of time to plan these trips ahead of time.

You would most definitely hate scurrying about booking flights and making hotel reservations. Certain jobs and industries inherently and regularly send their associates off on business trips at a moment’s notice; hence, if you are constantly expecting this type of practice, here are some ideas on making early arrangements for these specific types of occurrences to help save you from last-minute travel stress.

With trips on short notice, cost-cutting measures are usually bypassed. Airlines usually charge a higher rate on flights booked in full and at a certain specific date and time. Make certain that the company you work for has a travel policy, setting aside a budget for these types of travel scenarios.

The portion of the travel with the least leg room would have to be the flight accommodations. Travelocity or Orbitz, some of the most popular search tools on the Internet, can be utilized to help you start off in finding the airlines that have flight schedules in sync with the ones that you will be taking. As soon as you have chosen an airline, you may browse their website. You will sometimes find that they have promotions, giving more affordable fares even with those on short notice. It is strongly recommended that you spend your money on flights that are nonstop since flights with layovers might threaten your already very limited time schedule. Nonstop flights will better assure you of the priority of your business goal.

Regarding hotel reservations and accommodations, those concerns can also be planned and booked in advance. If you know for a fact that there will be certain places or locations that you will be visiting often, then look for a hotel nearest to those sites so you can save up on cab fares. When you have the addresses and contact numbers of these key establishments, business travel on short notice can be handled as easily as making a few phone calls.


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