How to Deal With Severe Mood Swings During Period

Many women don’t look forward to one certain event each month in their life. It’s the one that brings them cramps, bloating, headache, and sometimes even emotional mood swings. This favorite time of a woman’s life is their period. If women could wave a magic wand to make all of the symptoms and emotional outbursts go away, they would. While there isn’t such a thing as the “PMS magic wand”, there are vitamins, exercises, and steps that you can take to control your mood swings.

One way to control mood swings is by taking vitamins. There are several types of vitamins that you can purchase over the counter at your nearest pharmacy or retail store. Vitamin B6 helps deal with premenstrual cravings, fatigue, bloating, and mood swings. Try using 50 mg of B6 once or twice a day. Another vitamin to try is 1,000 to 1500 mg Calcium per day. An herb, that is widely used in Europe for the treatment of PMS is St. John’s wort. Instructions for taking this herb is suggested at yourtotalhealth.ivillage.com. The instructions include taking 300 mg three times a day from the tenth day of your menstrual cycle, until the last day of your period. It has been found to be effective to the women who have used it in Europe.

By eating certain foods, you can also take control of your moods before and during your period. You can fight premenstrual stress by eating foods such as bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, any kind of citrus fruit, cantaloupe , and cranberry juice. Those items are all rich in Vitamin C, which can ease any tension that you might be feeling. Carbohydrates, if ate in small amounts, can help improve one’s mood because it raises the levels of serotonin in the brain. Eat them in the form of vegetables and whole grains, instead of reaching for candy, breads, and cookies. You should try to avoid eating salty foods right before your period because they can increase bloating. Caffeine should also be avoided because it only elevates the symptoms of PMS.

Exercise is another way of relieving stress and conquering PMS. Exercising can release those “feel good” endorphins. Try walking with a friend to talk about any troubles you are having, or even taking a jog in your neighborhood. Doing frequent aerobics also can help aid in cramps, and can fight depression. If the weather is warm, and you need to cool off, go jump in the pool for a swim. The water can lift you up, and take pressure off of your back, easing your tension. Yoga stretches and exercises are also another way to help eliminate stress. It teaches you special breathing techniques so that you can learn to relax. As you are busy trying to focus on your deep breathing and inner self, you can begin to forget about the cramps that made your crabby to begin with.

So while women may not look forward to the gift from mother nature every month, we do not have to let it ruin our entire week. A period should not reschedule events that you had planned, or keep you lying on the couch with a heating pad. It is possible to conquer PMS mood swings by eating the right foods, using supplements, and exercising. You still can have a rewarding day, without letting your period put an end to it.


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