How to Declutter Your Kitchen


Authored by Penny S. Harmon in Cleaning 
Published on 04-07-2009

Do you find that your kitchen always looks cluttered? Do you find there is never enough room? Most people find there kitchens are always the hub of activity and there is always a constant mass of clutter on their countertops and table. However, you do not need to continue living with the clutter. There are ways you can declutter your kitchen and make your life easier.

The first thing you will want to do is go through all of your cupboards and throw out anything that has expired. You may be surprised by how many items you find that should have been thrown out months ago. When putting the items back in the cupboards, make sure you put them back in an organized method and put like items together.

The next thing you should do is get rid of anything you have in duplicate. Unfortunately, many of us tend to hang onto too many kitchen utensils and end up with a drawer full of mismatched items. Clean out all of your drawers and cupboards and choose one of each item to keep. Anything extra you have can be donated to a homeless shelter or put on a yard sale to make some extra money.

If you have a den or office in your home, this is where the mail should go. However, if you only have an area in your kitchen to pay your bills, set an area up for this usage only. You can find many different filing systems you can use. A visit to your office supply store will have many different options you can use to keep all of your bills in one spot, instead of cluttering up the counters.

To make sure your kitchen stays decluttered, do not have a junk drawer in your kitchen. Instead, make sure there is a place for everything. You can purchase different types of drawer and cabinet organizers to help get both organized. In your cabinets, you will find you will gain extra space when using the organizers, leaving more room for things you may have stored on your counter.

If you have canisters on your kitchen counter and they are never used, get rid of them. Many people often have valuable counter space taken up with canisters and they are simply there for looks. If you have anything on your kitchen countertop that is for looks only, now may be the time to part with it.

Baskets are another great way to store stuff and prevent clutter on the countertops and in the cupboards. You can store many small items in baskets, such as kitchen utensils, mail, and spices. Not only can baskets be a great way to organize your items and keep the counter from being cluttered, they can add charm to your kitchen and add to your décor.

The important thing to remember when decluttering your kitchen is to set up a system you can use to prevent it from getting cluttered again. Each evening, take five minutes and go through the kitchen and put everything in its place before you go to bed. You’ll be happy to get up in the morning to a nice, clean kitchen.


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