How to Decorate a Lampshade

When it comes to home decor, it’s the little personal touches you add that make your home truly unique and reflective of your personality. Often, it can be difficult to find the perfect decorating accessories to match the ideas you have in your head. This is when crafting your own home decor items can come into play. One great example of a home decor item you can easily personalize yourself is a lampshade.

Lampshades can be decorated in a number of ways to match your decor. The most basic thing you can do to a lampshade is to paint it. You should always be sure to use a primer before painting a lampshade, especially if you will be using the lamp for lighting and not just decor. Failing to use a primer can result in an uneven coating of paint that will make the lampshade look blotchy when the lamp is turned on and the light shines through the shade. You can choose to paint the lampshade one color or paint various colored designs freehand on it. Painter’s tape can be used to mark off stripes for a funky lampshade, or you can use stencils for other shapes like circles or motifs like vines. It is also a good idea to use a lower wattage of light bulb in any lamp with a painted lampshade, just to be on the safe side.

If a plain painted lampshade isn’t personalized enough for you, you can also decoupage a lampshade. Decoupage medium or plain white glue that dries clear can be used for this craft-simply take paper cutouts and glue them to the lampshade in whatever design you like. Finish with a coat of decoupage medium or white glue over the entire lampshade to seal the cutouts in place. Cutouts for decoupage can be placed on a painted or unpainted lampshade. Any sort of paper that will bend to conform to the lampshade’s curves will work well for decoupage, from gift wrap to thin wallpaper. You can even use tissue paper for a faux stained glass look that is lovely when the lamp is turned on and the light shines through the various colors of the tissue paper.

Finally, if you’ve found the perfect color and style of lampshade for your room but it’s just a bit too plain, you can spruce it up yourself with just a little bit of work. You can purchase cording or trim at any fabric store that can be hot-glued around the top and/or bottom of the lampshade to add a bit of flair. You can even find trim with crystals beads for an extra elegant look.

Decorating a lampshade can be an inexpensive way to add to the beauty of your room. Best of all, since lampshades are sold separately in many sizes and styles, they are easily replaced if you make a mistake while decorating the shade or whenever you’re just ready to change your decor. A decorated lampshade makes a room uniquely yours and is sure to be noticed by guests to your home.


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