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How to decorate your house for a christmas party?

  • By richard M. Earley
  • Published 03/26/2011
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Christmas is one of the festivals that are celebrated by everyone  around the world in which they can gather together for fun. As one of  the favorite holidays, it is a very good occasion for parties. No  Christmas party is perfect without decorations. If you want to throw an  unforgettable party on Christmas, you need to do the proper decorations  from the ornaments on the wall to the stockings on the tree. There are  some suggestions for you.   THEME   Giving  your party a theme that is based on Christmas would turn the party into  a dazzling world. Red, white, green, gold, and silver are traditional  holiday colors. Incorporate the colors of the Christmas season. Use just  one certain color or combine several for your decoration.   CHRISTMAS TREE   Decorate  Christmas tree with candy canes and party favors. Popcorn strings and  sets of lights may be used to create a more festive mood.  Battery-operated strings of lights are our best choice in order to avoid  the danger of tripping over cords. And it adds a touch of elegance that  never ceases to please the guests.   DOORS   Wrap  your door with Christmas gift wrapping paper and tie an eye-catching  bow around the door to add a festive look. A beautiful wreath adds a  touch of glamour. Balloons are another choice if bows are not  accessible. If possible, you can tie bows on everything from doorknobs  to chair backs.   TABLES   Tables  can compliment your Christmas theme as well. White tablecloth goes well  with colorful cutlery and colorful napkins. We can also go for colorful  tablecloth a white cutlery. The best way to decorate our Christmas  table is to decorate it with candleholder and a bouquet. You can either  buy it from the market or make by yourself.   As  far as Christmas decoration is concerned, many other ideas are  available as well. A simple decoration in every room that the guests  will enter will make a great difference.



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