How to Decrease Your Appetite

Weight loss is a topic that can make your head spin. Celebrities are always endorsing the latest fad diets, and the variety of exercise videos available is overwhelming. It is easy to become confused and consumed by trying to figure out the best way to lose weight. In actuality, there are many healthy ways to decrease your appetite that do not involve fad diets and gimmicks. Learning to decrease your appetite can actually promote healthy eating habits. Decreasing your appetite can be as simple as choosing the location of where you eat, to selecting the proper dinnerware. If you are looking to decrease your appetite, try the following tips:

Eat: The most common misconception about appetite and weight loss is that not eating is a good option. In reality, going without food is likely to increase your appetite more than anything else. Instead of passing on a meal, try spacing out your meals into five or six smaller ones throughout the day. This will prevent you from feeling the extreme highs and lows of being overly full, and feeling as though your stomach is eating itself. Also, eating certain types of foods can decrease your appetite. Foods with a low glycemic index create a slower increase in blood sugar and a more consistent level of energy. This evened level of energy will not signal your feelings of hunger as easily. Eating more fruits, vegetables, and legumes will accomplish this.

Choose the right dinnerware: If you eat from a larger plate or bowl you are more likely to try and fill it up, so try eating from smaller dishes. You will be eating smaller portions, but visually you will have a full plate or bowl, and will have the satisfaction of cleaning your plate. Also, the color blue is said to be the most visually unappetizing color. Eat from blue colored dinnerware and you are likely to want to stop eating before you go for seconds or thirds.

Out of sight: Keep your food behind cabinet doors or in your pantry. Do not leave a box of your favorite cookies or snacks out on the kitchen counter. Seeing food will make you more likely to eat it. Also, after you have cooked a meal, do not bring all of the food dishes to the table. Fill your plate in the kitchen, and then move to the dining room. Having to walk all the way back to the kitchen for a second serving will make you less likely to take the journey.

Stay hydrated: Drinking lots of water seems to be the cure for everything, but it really can help to decrease your appetite. Drinking the recommended sixty-four ounces of water a day helps keep your body full, and will affect how much food that you eat. In addition, some say that drinking a glass of water, or a bit of flavored broth or soup before a meal will decrease your appetite.

Whenever you are interested in losing weight, don’t jump on the latest diet bandwagon or exercise fad. Instead, try these easy tips for decreasing your appetite and promoting healthy eating habits.


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